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Shuffle! ~五~ Week 4

December 4, 2009

1. Morning Musume – I WISH – Oh, this song… I love it, but if I think about the graduation performances of it, I start to tear up. Everyone sounds great in this (though I wish there was a little less Maki and a little more Mari, but that’s probably my favoritism talking). I love the whole message of the song: life is wonderful. And of course there’s sweet little Aibon’s high note at the end; that’s what I like to think of when I think of Kago: the lovely voice, not the scandals. Anyway… of course I have to mention the PV; it was awesome. One of Momusu’s best.

2. Berryz Koubou – Koi no Jubaku – The beginning really has the magical qualities to match the title. After that, it turns into a normal-ish pop song, with some… dance elements, I guess? As far as vocals, they’re okay; after all, they were still fairly new at this point. I really like the singing during the choruses, though. Also, I love the cover of the single.

3. °C-ute – Edo no Temari Uta II – First of all, I love how everyone got at least one line. As far as the music itself, I love the Japanese instruments (I can’t be sure what they are exactly), and the piano. Another plus is the slightly haunting feel this song has; it’s not in-your-face genki pop, and it’s not in-your-face dramatic pop. It’s something different entirely, in my opinion.

4. Athena & Robikerottsu – Seishun! LOVE Lunch
– Definitely my favorite song from this group. This sounds like a marching song, or, at least, the beat sounds like one you would march to. The music kind of reminds me of the music from the Bust-a-Move games, which makes me a bit nostalgic. Overall, this song is just really fun and cute. And it has a lot of Gaki-san, so yay for that!

5. Morning Musume – Nanni mo Iwazu ni I LOVE YOU – The sudden pause after each “nee” is great, because it’s really like the beginning of a conversation, like you’re waiting for the person to pay attention before you continue. Again, the singing is solid, the lyrics are sweet, and the song overall is enjoyable. Even the “la la la”s at the end (which I usually find so irritating and unnecessary) work with the song.

~ Surimu-chan


Shuffle! ~五~ Week 3

November 27, 2009

1. Morning Musume – DANCE Suru no da! – This song sounds… I don’t know, Jackson 5-ish to me? I’m not sure how to describe it… anyway. I like it. You can definitely tell this is an old-school Momusu song by the music. Also, the video for this song was pretty fun, though I wasn’t the biggest fan of their outfits.

2. Minimoni – A~iin! Dance no Uta – I once saw a comment describing this as “the most irritating H!P song ever.” I can see where they’re coming from… but this song actually grew on me. I think it might have been after Eri, Junjun, Linlin, and Maasa performed it in concert. It’s just such a crazy song, it ended up getting stuck in my head somehow. Maybe because it’s trance/dance music…

3. Morning Musume – Haru no Uta – This is the first time I’ve listened to this song. Whoa, Kaori’s “Whoa yeah~” at about 1:05 was awesome. So was Yossie’s around 2:24. This song is really mellow and easy to listen to. I like how it started out strong with Mari and ended strong with Yossie. Sweet.

4. Morning Musume – Koi ING
– Ooh, I now see why I’ve seen a lot of positive comments about this song; it’s great! The solo lines by Ai-chan, Eri, and Mikitty are lovely, but my favorite parts are when everyone is singing. It’s such a nice song, with sweet lyrics to boot.

5. Minimoni – CRAZY ABOUT YOU – First of all, wow, two Minimoni songs in one Shuffle! post? That’s kind of amazing. Anyway, this song… Mika’s opening lines really annoy me. Like, a lot. I don’t know why. =/ The rest of the song is catchy though. I liked  it the first time I heard it. Wait, I should say, once I got over the shock of Minimoni going from “Jankenpyon” to this and stopped avoiding this song, I loved it. XD

~ Surimu-chan

Shuffle! ~五~ Week 2

November 20, 2009

1. W – Robokiss – This song is catchy; I especially like the “suki sukissu KISU wo kudasai…” etc. parts, because they (as well as the “shabala lan” parts, but I don’t like them as much) add to the robotic feel of the song with their repetition. Toss in the beeps and other electronic sounds, and it just works.

2. Morning Musume – Ii Koto Aru Kinen no Shunkan – I love the beat in the background; it’s one of those that make you automatically bob your head or tap your foot. The music is so happy, and lyrics have such a nice message, you can’t help but love this song; it always puts me in a good mood. Also, though it’s just a small thing, the song gets extra points for having random spoken words, and even more points because the spoken lines are from Kaori and Mari.

3. Morning Musume – Suki na Senpai – As soon as this song came on, I actually gasped and said, “I love this song!”, because I really do. It is just one of the most adorable songs ever. It’s also one of the few album-only tracks I can sing all the way through without needing to look at the lyrics. Speaking of the lyrics, I’m sure many girls can sympathize with them: a girl stressing over how to deal with the crush she has on her upperclassman. I usually can’t stand anything cheesy/mushy, but seriously. The lyrics. They’re too cute. The music has a certain feel to it… I’m not sure what it is, but it kind of makes me nostalgic. Again, bonus points for random spoken lines.

4. Morning Musume – Rainbow Pink – Well, there are spoken lines in here, quite a few of them, but Sayumi’s and Koharu’s voices are too high and grating in this for me to give them bonus points. I have to admit, though, the song does have a certain cuteness to it. So much so that, when I first heard a small part of it on a fan video, I had to find the whole thing immediately.

5. Morning Musume – Morning Coffee (2002 Version) – As much as I love the original, I like this version more. Maybe it’s because I like hearing all the different voices taking part in the first Momusu single. However, I do love the fact that Kaori’s and Nacchi’s parts (though moreso for Kaori’s) are still their own. Also, I always seem to love songs that have groups singing two different things (like in the beginning of this song with the “DOKIDOKI” in the background etc.).

~ Surimu-chan

Shuffle! ~五~ Week 1

November 13, 2009

When I was trying to muddle through the Cutest H!P Songs ranking that I mentioned in an earlier post, I realized that I’m too indecisive to do rankings. (^_^’)> I did, however, come up with something else that I call “Shuffle! ~Go (5)~” posts (isn’t that very Tsunku of me to add the random symbols? XD). Each week, I’ll take 5 songs randomly selected from 450 H!P songs and comment on each of them. ^__^ So, without further ado, here’s the first “Shuffle! ~Go~” post!

1. W – Sentimetal Boy – This song has… I don’t know, an 80’s feel? Anyway, it has a distinct sound that I think a lot of today’s music (at least in H!P) is missing. I rather like the song, now that I’m making myself listen to it. It’s not that I don’t like W; I really love a lot of their music, especially their covers, but I just don’t seem to listen to them much. (^_^’)>

2. Morning Musume – A MEMORY OF SUMMER ’98 – I really like the music in the beginning. Actually, I like the music throughout. The singing is fair enough. The song, overall, is passable, but I can’t see myself listening to it very much.

3. Berryz Koubou – MADAYADE – This song actually has a bit of that distinct sound I was talking about earlier. I don’t know why I don’t listen to it more; I think it’s because the PV didn’t leave much of an impression on me, and the covers for the single were a bit… *winces*. The song itself, though, isn’t bad.

4. C-ute – Zansho Omimai Moshiagemasu – There’s nothing wrong with Airi’s voice; I really love it, actually. I’m just a bit miffed that she got the coupling track all to herself. Putting my irritation aside, I’m still not sure how I feel about this song. Airi’s voice, as I said, is lovely, but this is another song that I couldn’t see myself putting on any playlists.

5. Goto Maki – Yaruki! IT’S EASY
– I haven’t listened to most of Goto’s music… anyway. This song… something about it makes me imagine it in the opening of an 80’s or 90’s-ish cartoon where all the characters are either marching around, or the camera is zooming through scenes of each of them doing something like… building a treehouse, or… tossing a frisbee or something. … I’m sure I’m alone in this. XD The song is all right. At least it’s peppy.

Well, that wasn’t too bad… was it? (^_^’)> I’ll try to describe the songs more instead of just giving my opinion next time. ^__^

~ Surimu-chan