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Ogata Haruna Graduates

June 20, 2018

I always start finding these fun video clips and reading these great interviews with soon-to-graduate members, and I go from “Aww, that’s too bad,” to “How could you leave me before I took the time to really appreciate you?!” I know I said the same thing for Duu, but it also applies to Haachin.
As is the case with the so-called background members, you don’t get to see too much of them just from A-side songs’ music videos. Add to that my habit of watching dance shot versions more often than the actual music videos and you get even less of a focus on the background members. (Add to THAT the fact that I have a full-time job and I don’t get the chance to immerse myself in everything H!P-related like I used to… anyway.) My point is that I didn’t focus on Haachin enough while she was still in the group, and now I’m regretting it, because she seemed fun when she got a chance to do something.
True, she wasn’t the strongest singer or dancer, but I feel like she could have shown quite a memorable personality if Morning Musume acted with the same freedom that the Golden Era members had. (I know, management, professionalism, and all that…) I liked that video of Haachin trying not to laugh.
After reading that fairly recent interview with her and Harunan, I couldn’t help but feel rather awful. To read that she was having such a hard time last year broke my heart. =(
Overall, I feel pretty terrible for not paying much attention to her before her graduation announcement. orz One thing I can say for sure is that I always felt that she stood out (in a good way!) visually (not that we got to see too much of her…)
I wish we could have heard more from her in her graduation single, but I suppose they’re not going to give everyone the Riho or Duu treatment (couldn’t she have gotten the Zukki treatment, though, with some spoken lines…?).
Seeing that her graduation song was “Namida ga Tomaranai Houkago” made sense to me; the song was always kind of associated with weaker/softer singers, and the translation of the title (“Tears That Won’t Stop After School”) reminded me of the fact that she’s heading off to school. (… Okay, maybe I’m reading into it a bit, but I still thought the song was a fitting choice. (^_^”))
I always make sure to watch graduation ceremony footage (even though they always make me tear up), so I’ll be sure to add any thoughts about those as soon as I see them~.

Congratulations, Haachin~!


Haachin~! Well done during your time in the group! All the best to you on your new path~! ♥

~ Surimu-chan

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Favorite H!P Songs of 2017 – A Few Extra Notes

December 24, 2017

Quite a bit has changed in Hello! Project this year!

Graduations/Departures This Year: °C-ute (Yajima Maimi, Nakajima Saki, Suzuki Airi, Okai Chisato, Hagiwara Mai), Tsugunaga Momoko, Fujii Rio, Ogawa Rena, Taguchi Natsumi, Kudou Haruka

Wow, when you write them all down, it’s really crazy to see how many people left this year. O_O

Not to sound mean but, Kobushi Factory‘s releases were so few and far between that I often forgot about them, so the departures of Rio, Rena, and Tagucchi didn’t affect me as much. orz

The sadness I would have felt from °C-ute’s graduation was lessened by the fact that I still see them together all the time in Instagram pictures. XD

Momo’s graduation sucked. Not that the show was bad, but I just didn’t want to see her go. orz What a delightful send-off with that concert, though (and the album)~!!! ♥

As I said in the post just before this one, Duu’s graduation was sort of a gradual build for me. Like, “Oh wow, she’s graduating,” to “… She’ll be graduating soon…,” to “DON’T LEAVE, DUU!” I will miss her (especially in variety shows).

I really hope Aiai comes back, but I wonder if it would be better for her to not… at least give her a proper graduation, even if she’s not coming back! TT_TT

The other big thing was the member transfer early this summer. Funakki and Ayano are blending in with ANGERME so well! Yanamin and Ruru are killing it with Juice=Juice (though I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss Yanamin’s old hairstyle XD). Chii-chan is wonderful in Morning Musume, but I can’t help but feel that she’s still a bit guarded. She seems much more at ease with Country Girls (which is understandable). And Ichioka Reina‘s new group… has anything more even been said about that?!

There’s also the matter of more digital releases and short MVs on the groups’ YouTube channels… I’m happy about the first, not so much the second. (-_-“)

I know a lot of fans decided to “graduate” with °C-ute or Momo, but I’m going to stick around. I’m looking forward to their future releases~! =D

~ Surimu-chan

Kudo Haruka Graduates

December 11, 2017

This always seems to happen to me. A member whom I like but who isn’t one of my absolute favorites announces her graduation, and I’m like, “Aww, that’s too bad.” Then the date gets closer and I find all of these fun interviews and video clips and I listen for her solo lines in songs… and then her graduation is less than a week away, and I start saying, “She’s graduating in just (this many) days.” Then just a day or two before her graduation I get into that “No. Nope. No no no no no, please stay a little longer!” phase… And then the day comes, and I start to see pictures and clips of the graduation roll in… And then I realize that I liked that member a lot more than I originally thought.


When she first joined (and I think that’s the first thing that makes this hard for me: I followed the 10th gen. auditions, so I’ve been a fan for her entire Morning Musume journey), I thought she was cute and had an impressive voice for such a little girl. Over the years, I sometimes felt that her “little brother” (and later “ikemen”) character was a bit forced, but Duu just being Duu was always awesome. She always seemed so nice to the other members (and could even deal with a Maa-chan who felt like being difficult XD).

Her graduation single was amazing, her graduation song in particular. The regular version of the “Wakaindashi!” music video made me misty-eyed, and the complete version (which I bought as soon as it was available) made me cry. … Yep, I just watched it again, and it still makes me cry. XD orz

I’ve watched a handful of clips from her graduation concert. It was nice that she got to do “Mr. Moonlight ~Ai no Big Band~” again, which fits the ikemen character, but I was pleasantly surprised by her graduation song, “Moshimo…” (the coupling track for “Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku”). It’s pretty cutesy but somehow very much Duu.

I also watched the members’ messages to Haruka (I didn’t start calling her “Duu” until recently, actually XD). Those are always kind of painful, or… bittersweet? I guess the word is… Even though Maa-chan’s message was the only one I’ve seen translated so far, listening to and watching Chii-chan, Yokoyan, Akane (knowing how much she loves Duu), MariaSakura starting with a joke and breaking down halfway through… Maa-chan’s disjointed rambling… Daishi‘s emotional message… everyone really seems to love Duu.

Ahh~… graduations turn me into such a mess. TT_TT

Congratulations, Duu~!

Duu! Congratulations on your graduation! I’ll be sure to watch the dramas you star in~! ♥♥♥♥♥

~ Surimu-chan

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♥🍑♥ Thank You, Momochi~! ♥🍑♥

June 30, 2017

Congratulations, Momo~!.jpg

I wanted to write something for Momo‘s graduation… but the day is almost over, and I really don’t know what to write… Not to sound weird or cheesy, but I can’t help but tear up every time I think about it.

When I first started paying attention to other Hello! Project groups, I found that I really enjoyed Berryz Koubou and Buono! music. Miyabi was my favorite for a while; I thought she was a great singer and really fashionable; I liked seeing her in both groups. Momo was also in both groups… but I found her so irritating. The super-cutesy voice and antics just weren’t my cup of tea. I had done a Hello! Project member sorter/ranker, and she was at the very bottom (I remember it being a promotional picture for “Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!,” so it had to be around spring of 2008 or so?). At some point, though, that changed.

I think it might have been around the time “Gachinko de Ikou!” came out that I finally “got” Momo’s character (because it was, indeed, just a character), and I paid more attention to her voice, so I realized that she could actually sing very well (I remember really loving her last solo line in “Gachinko de Ikou!” for whatever reason). Actually, now that I think about it, the video for “Gachinko de Ikou!” really helped me warm up to Momo. I suddenly found myself to be an otomomochi. XD (I’m not sure if “otomomochi” was even a thing when that came out…)

Momo was always a highlight in talk segments (I would have loved to have seen her using her Momochi character on Utaban back in the day XD) (Apologies for the naughty word in the title of this video; I couldn’t find it elsewhere orz)…

…behind-the-scenes/making of/random clips (like in the making of for “Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda!” when the tide rolled in and Momo was stuck with water up past her knees)…

…and DVD magazines (Momo reading English cards for Buono! DVD Magazine Vol. 2).

Two times in particular that I couldn’t help but like her more are as follows: when Miya, Captain, and Maasa went into the haunted house at that theme park (poor Momo couldn’t stand the scary sounds)…

…and when Berryz was in Hawaii and that one guy was hiding in their van so he could jump out and scare them (around the 1:40 mark in the video; after he had “caused a scene” earlier). Again, poor Momo had been so terrified, I just wanted to give her a hug and pat her on the head.

There have just been so many great Momo Moments (that’s fun to say XD). I love that she was able to keep a smile through Berryz Koubou’s last concert as well as her own.

Koharu was the first graduation I dealt with as a fan (not including the Elder Club mass graduation or Umeda Erika‘s because I wasn’t following °C-ute too closely at that point); she wasn’t my favorite member of Morning Musume, so I didn’t really cry. Kamei, Junjun, and Linlin‘s graduation was sadder for me; I think I shed a few tears watching the graduation messages. The same goes for Ai-chan, Gaki-san, Mittsi, Reina, and Sayu (though, when it was first announced, I was certain I would be bawling when Gaki-san graduated). The end of Berryz hit me pretty hard, as did the end of °C-ute. Mano Erina, Riho, Zukki, Kanon, Meimei, Manakan… I was really sad to see all of them go… but I don’t recall every crying like I did when I watched a clip of the very end of Momo’s graduation concert. (Not sure how long this video will be available…)

Even though she’s about a year-and-a-half younger than me, I’ve come to look up to her so much; her work ethic and positivity. Ah… I’ll miss her so much.

♥🍑♥🍑♥🍑♥🍑♥🍑♥🍑♥🍑♥🍑♥ 🍑♥🍑♥🍑♥🍑♥🍑♥🍑♥🍑♥
Momo! Thank you for fifteen years of wonderful music, fun videos, hard work, and great memories~! I’ll always be an otomomochi~.

~ Surimu-chan

H!P’s Latest Changes – Transfers and Debuts

June 27, 2017

Lots of big things will be happening with Hello! Project very soon~! I made sure to get up early to watch the special episode of Hello! Station with all of the announcements.

Morito Chisaki to Morning Musume ’17
– My surprise for this was not so much who went to MM but the fact that anyone was added to MM at all. I thought they might try to build up the fanbases of the other groups a bit more by adding established members. I don’t have any problem with Chii-chan being added, and, of the available members, I can see why they added her. I just worry about the group dynamic; this seems to be one of those weird Mikitty situations where Chisaki debuted before the 13th generation of MM, but it was in another group, so 13th gen. is technically her senpai in Morning Musume even though she technically has seniority… I don’t know how this whole thing will work, but I just want everyone to get along well. (^_^”) I think Chii-chan will do just fine, though~.

Yanagawa Nanami and Danbara Ruru to Juice=Juice
– Again, my surprise was for the fact that members were added to Juice=Juice. That being said, I’m excited for Juice=Juice’s first release with the new members. I’ve been rooting for Ruru to debut for a long time (such amazing vocals!) and before this whole transfer was announced, I was leaning towards Yanamin being my favorite in Country Girls. I’m excited~!

Funaki Musubu and Kawamura Ayano to ANGERME
– I assumed ANGERME would get a new member, but two! I really feel like I should be paying more attention to the ANGERME members because they seem so animated and interesting. I’d really like to see that kind of fun attitude in some of their videos, but that’s neither here nor there… XD I love Funakki, and I already have a bit of a soft spot for Ayano after she sort of tripped when she was being introduced to the group, so I don’t mind these additions. XD

Ichioka Reina to lead a new group
– Ooh~, a new group! I really want a group that has happy, fun, colorful releases like Golden Era Morning Musume or 4nin S/mileage. PLEASE. Also, I’d really like to see a smaller group for once.

Overall, I don’t mind the additions and transfers. My only gripe is this: the groups are huge. I’d like to see them have groups of three to seven again, maybe eight at the most (not necessarily for MM, though), but here’s what we’ll have after Momo‘s graduation:
Morning Musume – 14 members (until Duu‘s graduation)
ANGERME – 11 members (including Aiai)
Juice=Juice – 7 members
Kobushi Factory – 8 members (until Rio‘s graduation)
Tsubaki Factory – 9 members

Even though I’m not overly keen on huge group numbers, I wouldn’t want any of the current girls held back or graduated. I just kind of wish Up Front had the budget (or cared enough to USE the budget if they do have it) to have more groups that were smaller. And if not that… can we at least get releases more often? Can the releases at least be changed up a bit? (Coupling tracks on every single! Albums!) Oops, I’m getting a bit off topic… (^_^”)

Anyway… I’m looking forward to H!P’s future! (I will forever be excited for Country Girls releases, though.)

~ Surimu-chan

♥ °C-ute: Goodbye and Thank You ♥

June 14, 2017

Thank You C-ute

I’ve mentioned it a few times before, but, of the “big” groups that were around when I first started listening to H!P (Morning Musume, Berryz Koubou, and °C-ute), °C-ute was the one that I listened to the least. I don’t know why; maybe it was because °C-ute was still fairly new when I first started listening (as far as their major debut), so I didn’t have as much music to go through (not quite accurate, though; I never listened to any of their earliest album tracks (^_^”)).

Even so… °C-ute’s disbandment made me sad. I had had the day off from work, so I was constantly checking for updates on Twitter and other sites. When I started seeing pictures from other H!P/former H!P members on Instagram, I figured it was all done. I liked every single picture, even if they looked exactly the same (like some of the shots of the arena with all the glow sticks lit up). I almost cried when I saw the picture of all the kids (minus Risako; I probably would have cried if she had been there). Seeing Megumi, Erika, Kanna, and Maiha (sort of) with the others really made it seem like the end.

Another thing I had said that would make it truly real to me would be to see °C-ute under the “Past Groups” category for lyrics on Well, that’s where they are now, along with Buono!

If that wasn’t bad enough, I watched the footage from their last concert on today’s Hello! Station. When the clock hit 9:10 pm, it did actually make me cry. Then they had to go and show all the members crying. Besides the other four sobbing, Maimi‘s teary-eyed smile made me cry even more, because I just got this “Ah~, what a good time we’ve had” feeling from that look. TT__TT

So °C-ute… goodbye… and thank you~!

~ Surimu-chan

This Blog is Not Dead! – An Update

May 8, 2017

… Well, at least, I haven’t given up on it. It’s pretty dead as far as views. XD orz It’s just that most of my time is spent learning H!P dances instead of writing about H!P stuff. (^_^”) I’d like to start writing on here more, though. I have a few more H!P Vlogs planned, but, after those, if I want to talk about something H!P-related, I’ll just make a blog post on here~. That’s totally fine with me; I like adding pictures and changing fonts colors and stuff. XD Anyway, this is supposed to be an update post, so let’s get on with the updating!

Like I said, I’d like to do a few more H!P Vlogs for my channel. I’ve decided on two of them for sure: No Thinking! – Favorite °C-ute A-Sides, and Great H!P Memories. The third one I’m still trying to decide which one to do. I have a lot of things that I’d like to talk/write about, so I’m trying to figure out which would be best for a video. I might do something like my dream setlist for a Hello! Project concert (or just a Morning Musume concert). That might be a fun one for a video. Oh, now that I think about it, I wonder if I should do one about the fact that everyone who was in H!P when I first started listening (not counting Eggs) will be gone by July? T__T … So that’s what’s coming as far as H!P Vlogs.

As for other updates to this blog… first of all, I’d like to make some new banners. XD I still love Berryz Koubou, but I think I’ve had those banners since they went on indefinite hiatus. O_O And some posts I’d like to do eventually include more No Thinking! lists (lots, probably XD), and some best and worst (or favorite and least-favorite) discussions. I’ll probably do dream setlist posts, too~. =D

Well, these are just tentative plans, but I hope they work out! Even though I get next to no views on this blog, it’s fun to just write about something I love~. If someone else happens along and decides to read my posts, all the better~!

~ Surimu-chan

Suzuki Kanon Graduates

May 31, 2016

It totally doesn’t feel like Zukki has graduated. Seriously. I think it might be because, when Riho graduated, I was mainly focusing on my dancing and videos, so H!P was at the forefront of my thoughts. Now, I’m back to work, and I have potential surgery and other expenses to worry about, so the day arrived in the blink of an eye without my thinking about it too much. It’s going to be super-weird to see the group without Zukki. Even though she was pretty much always in the back, you could always spot her million-watt smile. I also still maintain that she had a great singing voice, and they should have used her more often. Do you remember her singing when Morning Musume performed Berryz Koubou‘s “1-Oku 3-Senman Sou Dietto Oukoku” in 2014? SO great!

I remember sending in a picture for the birthday book that was made for her by fans. I was dressed up in my one of my “One・Two・Three” dance cover outfits (Zukki’s, obviously), and I had a sign with a birthday message and green butterflies on it (green because it was (WAS! *sob*) her color, and butterflies because remember her insect impressions early on?). In fact, I still have that picture. Let’s rewind to 2012!

Zukki Appreciation Project Picture

How nostalgic~. Also, I am glad that she got a big speaking part in one of the A-sides on her last single (along with a couple of solo singing lines), but I do sort of wish she would have gotten a little more focus in “The Vision” because it’s such a pretty, very graduation-sounding song. Though “Utakata Saturday Night!” really fits Zukki’s personality, doesn’t it? Bright colors, lots of fun being had with dashes of cute, cool, and mature thrown in, too. (Also, I just watched a clip covering her graduation and, oh my goodness, she sang “Never Forget” for her solo song. TT____TT And they sang “Ai Araba IT’S ALL RIGHT,” too! TT____TT)

Ahh~… I’m going to miss her.

Congratulations, Zukki~!

Zukki! Congratulations on your graduation! All the best for your future~! ♥♥♥♥♥


Inaba Manaka Taking Extended Break

April 28, 2016

Inaba Manaka

It was announced today that Inaba Manaka of Country Girls will be taking an extended break from activities due to a resurgence of the chronic asthma that she’s suffered from since early childhood. She will be participating in neither Country Girls’ upcoming tour nor this summer’s H!P tour.

This came as a huge shock to me. Though I’m a big fan of all of the girls in the group, I’d be lying if I said Manakan isn’t my favorite. She’s such a dynamic dancer, and she has an adorable singing voice (besides just being adorable herself), so I’ll miss her presence in the group. That being said, I’m happy that she’s taking time off to recover her health; that’s much more important.

Get well soon, Manakan! I’ll patiently await your return~. ♥

~ Surimu-chan

Kanazawa Tomoko Diagnosed with Endometriosis

January 25, 2016

Kanazawa Tomoko

It was announced today that Kanazawa Tomoko of Juice=Juice has been diagnosed with endometriosis. You may recognize this as the same disease Matsuura Aya was diagnosed with back in 2011.

I personally like Tomo’s voice the most of the Juice=Juice members, so it saddens me to hear that she will need to limit her activities because of this; however, I would much, much, much rather she limit her activities to get better than for her to try to continue on as usual while dealing with the pain.

Last year, Juice=Juice only released one single and one album. “Wonderful World/Ça va ? Ça va ?” wasn’t my favorite single by them, but I was incredibly impressed by their album tracks! That being said, when their next single was first announced, I was curious as to how it would turn out.

Lucky me! Lucky us! Lucky world! This single is amazing! With the release of both of the music videos in the past week, I was happy to see some of the things I missed in a lot of H!P releases: different shots in the music videos besides [close up-dance shot-staring into distance close up-different angle dance shot] and music and lyrics by Tsunku (so great to see him do a single for another group again~!). Also, I was so excited to see the return of the dance shot version in the physical releases that I felt close to tears (I almost gave up hoping that they’d come back T_T).

I really want Juice=Juice to shine this year, not only with their music, but also with their upcoming drama, “Budoukan.” I will definitely find a way to watch it! Feel better, Tomo~! Do your best, Juice=Juice~! ♥

Read more about endometriosis here.

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Watch Juice=Juice’s MV for “Karada Dake ga Otona ni Nattan ja nai” here.
Watch NEXT YOU’s (Juice=Juice’s) MV for “Next is you!” here.

~ Surimu-chan