°C-ute’s 29th Single Critique

Naze Hito wa Arasoun Darou?
The first thing I noticed when they previewed this MV on Hello! Station was the jump in production value. What’s this? A big, fancy set? Backup singers? A band?! =D I really like the song, too. It’s nice to see this change of pace from °C-ute once in a while~. The whole MV has a very classy feel. My only gripe is seeing the tired “putting on makeup” scenes again. orz Otherwise, this was lovely!
Line that gets stuck in my head: Hana wa saku no ni naze hito wa kanashiin darou?

Summer Wind
… Can’t say I’m a huge fan of their outfits. (^_^”) Other than that, this is really rather pretty. I really like the overlaid shots and the slowed down parts (though, seriously, they’re using that effect in almost every single H!P video now, it seems XD). It also makes me happy to see outdoor shots in H!P videos every once in a while~. There’s a beautiful, lonely sort of feeling to the music in the beginning and during the verses. Also, Airi‘s vocalizing near the end… ♥
Line that gets stuck in my head: Mabushisugiru along the coast

Jinsei wa STEP!
Here it is! Every multi-A-side single has THE song, and, in my opinion, this is that song for this single~. What’s not to like? Awesome set, fun-looking dance, cool-looking extra scenes (adlfj;aiefjak TAP DANCING), and an amazingly-catchy song! … The outfits are okay. XD Besides the tap dancer scenes, I also really like the fact that they had some of the other scenes in black and white. These are the kinds of songs that make me desperately wish for dance shot versions again. orz This is definitely my favorite song from this single~!
Line that gets stuck in my head: Mawaru mawaru yo jinsei

Okay, °C-ute has my attention again. I maybe kinda sorta ignored their last single and only got a couple songs from their last album… but this single was just awesome! =D (Also, just on a random note, though they all look lovely, I would like to point out how gorgeous Maimi looks in these videos~. So pretty!) Well done, °C-ute; you’ve still got it!

~ Surimu-chan


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