Kanazawa Tomoko Diagnosed with Endometriosis

Kanazawa Tomoko

It was announced today that Kanazawa Tomoko of Juice=Juice has been diagnosed with endometriosis. You may recognize this as the same disease Matsuura Aya was diagnosed with back in 2011.

I personally like Tomo’s voice the most of the Juice=Juice members, so it saddens me to hear that she will need to limit her activities because of this; however, I would much, much, much rather she limit her activities to get better than for her to try to continue on as usual while dealing with the pain.

Last year, Juice=Juice only released one single and one album. “Wonderful World/Ça va ? Ça va ?” wasn’t my favorite single by them, but I was incredibly impressed by their album tracks! That being said, when their next single was first announced, I was curious as to how it would turn out.

Lucky me! Lucky us! Lucky world! This single is amazing! With the release of both of the music videos in the past week, I was happy to see some of the things I missed in a lot of H!P releases: different shots in the music videos besides [close up-dance shot-staring into distance close up-different angle dance shot] and music and lyrics by Tsunku (so great to see him do a single for another group again~!). Also, I was so excited to see the return of the dance shot version in the physical releases that I felt close to tears (I almost gave up hoping that they’d come back T_T).

I really want Juice=Juice to shine this year, not only with their music, but also with their upcoming drama, “Budoukan.” I will definitely find a way to watch it! Feel better, Tomo~! Do your best, Juice=Juice~! ♥

Read more about endometriosis here.

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Watch Juice=Juice’s MV for “Karada Dake ga Otona ni Nattan ja nai” here.
Watch NEXT YOU’s (Juice=Juice’s) MV for “Next is you!” here.

~ Surimu-chan


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