Sayashi Riho Graduates

Let me start out by saying that Riho was never my favorite member. That might sound a bit harsh, but I think it needs to be understood that I was never one of the “RihoRiho can do no wrong!” type of fans. That’s not to say I didn’t like her! Far from it. She is amazingly dedicated in all that she does, and she’s a very talented dancer. Though others might disagree, there were even times I really liked her singing (usually when she was given a lower part). Here’s a big thing, though (and I mentioned it in the video in my previous post): Riho was part of the 9th generation. They were the first generation I was able to follow from the very beginning. I remember watching all of the girls auditioning and being really impressed by her dancing. When she got in, it was like, “I knew it!” I was excited to see how she and the other girls did and what they would add to the group.
I believe that Riho’s early dedication and talent in dance got her pushed to the front so quickly. Fuku-chan had experience, but she was a bit on the quiet side. Eripon was also terribly quiet and a bit awkward at first. Zukki was a lot of fun, but she lacked experience. Right off the bat, Riho seemed up to the challenge. That’s very admirable, I think, for a girl her age.
Bringing the focus to Riho also brought a focus to dance, which is, in my opinion, why they have such a strong focus on formation dancing now. With Riho excelling at dance and having such a prominent role in the group, I feel like it inspired the company (or whoever decides these things) to have dances created that would show off her (and Daishi‘s) ability and bring the other members closer to her level. If you look at it that way, you could say that it’s thanks to Riho that MM’s dances are as impressive as they are now.
I’m probably rambling at this point (I know I am; I’ve been up for about twenty hours and my eyes are tired XD), but I’m really happy to have known the MM lineup with Riho in it. I don’t remember crying quite so much about any other graduation I’ve been through so far. Koharu‘s, Reina‘s, and Sayu‘s didn’t affect me too much (I wasn’t a huge fan of Koha, and Reina an Sayu had been in the group for so long); I felt bad for Mittsi, Junjun, and Linlin (I think they all got a pretty poor deal =/); I still miss Ai-chan, Gaki-san, and Kamei… but, like I said, Riho is the first one I was able to follow since she was just a liiiittle girl (well, you know what I mean XD). It’s like watching my little sister leave (Riho’s only a week older than my little sister orz).
I’m going to miss her in the group, but I know she’s coming back, and I’m sure she’s going to be even better than ever!

Riho Graduation

Riho! Congratulations on your graduation! ♥

~ Surimu-chan


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