Berryz Koubou Music Video Rankings – Round 3

Waracchaou yo BOYFRIEND

Cheesy computer effects~~~!!!! XD In this case, I totally love them! The backgrounds and especially the girls floating around with balloons (and Chinami flying XD) add to the cuteness of this video rather than detract. The solo shots of the members “interacting” with the viewers (the popcorn/ice cream/etc. shots) are absolutely adorable (I love Maasa’s “Take the darn popcorn!” look XD). The whole diner/cafe/theater popcorn/boardwalk fun feeling the video gives off perfectly matches the 50s feeling of the song (and the dance fits right in with the theme, too!) making this one of my favorite Berryz videos~. =D

Munasawagi Scarlet

This was my first Berryz song, but I can’t let the amazingness of the music influence my ranking of the video. … Those outfits… ugh. The trite “putting on makeup” shots… sigh. That dance background that totally clashes with the already-clashing outfits… bah. You know what could have easily fixed their clothes? Make the tops white instead of pink. An easy, quick fix. *shakes head* Anyway, you can definitely see that Risako will grow up to be gorgeous in this video. Also, that dance break is incredible! I also love the shots of all seven of them singing into the “mirror” (it looked like Miya and Momo were going to start laughing for a second there XD).


This is an absolute beautiful video! It has that slightly desaturated look that I love, the settings are exquisite, and the lighting is perfect~. Some of their outfits are ridiculous, but I almost don’t notice because everything works together so well in this video! The flowers, and the architecture, and ARGH, it’s all just so pretty! I can even overlook the mostly-stupid dance! XD (On a side note, how can Momo sit like that?! I can feel my knees snapping just thinking about it!)

Kokuhaku no Funsui Hiroba

This was another lovely video~. I really wish H!P would have more outdoor settings in their current music videos. This was an interesting video, because the only time you ever see the dance shot is on the screen in the back of the karaoke room that Momo, Captain, and Maasa are in. I love the little effect of the bird carrying Risako’s mail/text.

Tsukiatteru no ni Kataomoi

Ah~, another favorite song~… but as far as the video is concerned… Okay, so, even though this one isn’t outside like the last two, the set is still splendid! I really love the screens, trees, and starry background with the huge crescent moon hanging in the sky~. I also like the flowiness of their outfits, and I think they fit with the background well to make a very pleasant video. Berryz was all about prettiness that year, huh? =D Oh, hi, Risako who totally doesn’t look thirteen. O__O I could have done without the flashing lights during the chorus, but I love the falling glitter effect and all the drapey fabric~. Floating/flying Berryz at the end kind of made me snort, but I suppose it was a rather pretty shot if you ignore the cheesiness. XD

This ranking was a bit difficult, because there were some really good videos in this set~. But here’s what I ended up ranking singles 11 through 15:

5. Munasawagi Scarlet
4. Kokuhaku no Funsui Hiroba
3. Tsukiatteru no ni Kataomoi
1. Waracchaou yo BOYFRIEND

It’s funny that I have the one with the brightest, craziest color palette and all the computer effects as number one after I said how much I like the subdued, natural looks of the others. XD It’s so much fun, I couldn’t not rank it in first place! Next ranking… hopefully soon!

~ Surimu-chan


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