It’s Been Too Long Since My Last Update…

…Wow… it’s been too long since my last post. O_O Sorry! m(_ _)m I have some free time before work today, though, so I thought I’d write something for this blog. =D (Part of this post was written months ago, so please keep that in mind. orz) Here’s my take on a few H!P-related things…

1) Morning Musume
I am beyond excited for their next single. I just watched the dance rehearsal, and I already love the song and dance! =D And, of course, I’m excited for 13 Colorful Character as well.

2) Berryz Koubou
– For AnimeNEXT
I loved the video they uploaded to their channel where they introduced themselves and answered a few questions. XD
– Momochi
Momo’s getting a lot of hate for her “Momochi” act… and I’m not terribly fond of it myself, but I can’t bring myself to fault her. I’m sure management is pushing her to be as outrageous as possible with all of the “Yurushite nyan” and “otomomochi” business and such. I think it’s too bad that people are dismissing her talent because of that act. =(
– I absolutely loved Berryz’ “Loving you too much,” and I’m really irritated that iTunes still doesn’t have the “cha cha SING” single up yet. (>_<*)

3) °C-ute
… Actually, I can’t really think of anything °C-ute-related. “Aitai Aitai Aitai na” wasn’t very memorable to me. In fact, the only part of the song I can remember is “Aitai aitai aitai na.” (^_^”)>

4) Mano Erina
I’ve become a bigger fan of Mano-chan recently (even before her graduation was announced). =D I listened to some of her older songs, and, after really paying attention to them, I realized that I really liked them. Two that I can think of right off the bat are “Lucky Aura” and “Hajimete no Keiken.” I also really love “Hanakotoba,” “Glory days,” and “Tasogare Kousaten.” I’d like to listen to all of her album tracks eventually, but I’ll have to wait until I can buy them, because they seem to be nonexistent on YouTube. o_O

5) S/mileage
I feel like I’m not as big of a fan of S/mileage as I was before… orz It doesn’t have anything to do with Saki and Yuuka leaving (though I think I preferred having fewer members to share the focus). I think the music just hasn’t been grabbing me as much, though I really love “Chance Tourai!” (much more than “Choto Mate Kudasai!,” I’d say). I’m glad that we saw (and heard) more of Rina and Kana in “Suki yo, Junjou Hankouki.” Even though it’s not my favorite S/mileage release, I did like the opening music, and I am able to remember a  few parts of the song. I remember thinking the chorus sounded somewhat out of place with the rest of the song, but I’ve gotten used to it. (^_^”)> I’m glad we’re finally going to see a new album from them next year~.

6) Buono!
So far, I’m loving SHERBET. “FEVER” is probably my favorite album track on there (even though I haven’t had a chance to listen to all of them…), but “Never gonna stop!” is great, too. ^__^ Just by listening to the previews of the other songs, I’m sure I’ll enjoy the other tracks as well.

That’s about all for now~. (^_^”)>



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