°C-ute Concert Tour 2012 Haru Natsu ~Utsukushikutte Gomen ne~

I just finished watching °C-ute‘s final concert of their “2012 春夏~美しくってごめんね~” tour via YouTube live streaming~! =D This experience was much better than last year’s because the video didn’t buffer or skip at all~! Hooray! (Though my laptop did overheat and shut down part of the way through, so I had to run down to the family computer to finish it. O_O)
Anyway, here’s my (sort of) review for the concert. I tried to write down as much as possible, but sometimes I got distracted… by the concert. XD If anything I write seems a little choppy or lacking, it’s probably because of that. m(_ _)m

I woke up around 3:45 am (the concert was set to start at 4:30 am here), because I remembered seeing the girls rehearsing a bit before the last year’s streamed concert. This time, though, they showed the PVs for “Kiss me Aishiteru,” “Momoiro Sparkling,” “Sekaiichi HAPPY na Onna no Ko,” “Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku,” and “Chou HAPPY SONG” instead. The screen showed a promotional picture from their seventh album along with the tour name and the message,  “まもなく始まります。 The Program will begin shortly.” At 4:30, the video began streaming, though there wasn’t any sound for a minute.

– °C-ute appeared in front of individual screens so that you could see their silhouettes. They started out with “Chou WONDERFUL!,” which, in my opinion, is a great song to start with. =D During some parts (the “Chou WONDERFUL WOW WONDERFUL” parts, I think), they would move to the side of their screens which would then show their individual closeups. Afterward, everyone went down to the front of the stage to dance while their silhouettes showed up on the screens before switching back to the random screen scenery (flashing lights, flying shapes/lines, etc.).

– Next was “Kacchoii Uta,” which made me super happy~! I love that song~. Anyway, there were solo dances in the middle of the song. One thing I noticed in this concert is that Nakky sounded really great; I always thought she had kind of a weak voice, but she did really well throughout. =)

– During a short MC, Maimai had everybody (in the different sections) say “Ho-oh~” … including the YouTube viewers. XD … I may have participated. XD

“Hitorijime Shitakatta Dake na no ni” was performed next. I hadn’t listened to their latest albums new songs (with the exception of “Yuke! Genki-kun” because of Maimai’s video for it, and “Shiawase no Tochuu” because of “Chou HAPPY SONG”), so I didn’t know what to expect. This was a pleasant surprise. ^_^ The dance was very °C-ute-like: sharp and involved. Everyone sounded great, too.

– They went right into “Ai wa Itsumo Itsumo” (the coupling track for “Kimi wa Jitensha…”), which also had an involved dance. Maimi sounded great.

– Maimi, Chisato, and Nakky then sang a bit of “Time Capsule,” which seemed pretty mellow after the previous songs and dances.

– Maimai then came out in a new outfit that had a bunch of different-colored bows on it. She also had a little guitar~. She sang her solo song, “Yuke! Genki-kun,” which the crowd really seemed to like. During the slower part of the song, she “played” the guitar a bit. She seemed to be having a bit of trouble singing at times. (^_^”)>

– Maimi then came out with a silvery blue and red dress with “X” patterns on either side (and it was rather short and tight =/) to sing “SHOCK!” for her solo. She sounded great! Also, she does those spins like a champ. XD

– Here there was another MC with all of the girls in their solo outfits. Nakky said to the YouTube audience (in English), “We hope you will have a fun day with °C-ute!”

– Next was Chisato’s solo song, “Tokai no Neon ga Odoroku Kurai no Utsukushisa ga Hoshii.” She wore a light blue outfit with a white collar, belt, boots, and headband. Her solo was a cool song with a rather nice auto-tuned section (I think that, if used correctly, auto-tuning can add a nice emphasis to parts of a song; just look at Buono!’s “DEEP MIND.”). Silhouette!Chisato was the backup dancer on all of the screens, which created a really neat effect.

– Nakky’s solo, “Kagayake! Houkago,” was next. It’s a cute song, and she looked like she was having fun during the dance break. She was wearing a flower-printed dress with a gold collar and a big hair bow (which I believe had the same flower print and gold material).

Airi sang “Bishoujo Shinri” for her solo. She sounded lovely as usual~. Her outfit was a white dress with a black pattern and a large, red, flower-type hair accessory.

– I was really excited about the next song… “★Akogare My STAR★”~! They had more of the screen effects so that the girls were dancing next to themselves (or above or below themselves). They also had closeups on the screens during some parts of the song. The girls didn’t just stay in one place, though; they moved around on the stage and went in and out through the doors, making the performance even more interesting. The screens blinked colors during the dance break.

– There was another MC at this time. Nakky, Maimi, and Chisato performed a little skit to answer some sort of question about their friendship. They took turns saying things to another member to show their friendship. (Sorry, I didn’t understand too much of the MC. orz)

– Next, Airi and Maimai came out and sang a some of “As ONE.” They had black and white outfits with a small outer layer to the skirt that was in their member color as well as a big heart shape on the front of their dress and a hair accessory.

– The others came out in similar outfits, and then they all sang a bit of “Hatachimae no Onna no Ko,” which I think is a cute song, even with the pig oinks. XD

– Next was “Sekaiichi HAPPY na Onna no Ko.” Hooray~!! =D I love this song, and it looked like °C-ute and the audience did, too~. ^_^

– They sang “Shiawase no Tochuu” next, which is a very pretty song, even on its own. Still… I couldn’t help singing some of “Because Happiness” to fill in some spots. (^_^”)>

– For the next MC, Airi and Maimi talked about “Chou HAPPY SONG” getting third on the charts, and they also mentioned other releases. (Next is a whole slew of performances that I really enjoyed~!)

– Nakky, Chisato, and Maimai came out in white outfits, with ared stripe down the front of the top and gold and white fringe over red shorts. They also had flags with which they started a flag performance to “Midnight Temptation.” Airi and Maimi joined them, and they did a really impressive job (anything would be impressive to me, though, because I’m sure I’d fail at flag twirling orz). They put the flags down to perform the song, but they picked them back up for the dance break. Someone accidentally dropped one that had been tossed to her (Maimi, maybe?).

“Tokaikko Junjou”~!! =D Anyone that reads my other blog probably knows what a connection I have to this song. It’s made even better by the fact that I’ve been playing Castlevania lately. XD Anyway, this was a great performance. They really rock this song. *nods*

“Meguru Koi no Kisetsu” was next~! Another favorite! I was really excited to see this one! Unfortunately, this is where my laptop overheated, so I didn’t get to see the entire performance. T_T I did, however, make it to the family computer in time for…

“Dance de Bakoon!” Woohoo~! They had more screen effects during the “JAJJAJJAA JAAJAJAJJAJJAA” parts, and the beginning of the chorus showed closeups of the members doing the dance moves. Streamers fell during this song~. =D I think this one is already up there in popularity with the likes of “Massara Blue Jeans,” “Tokaikko Junjou,” and…

“Seishun Song”~! Airi sang a ballad-like intro before they went into the regular song. They were twirling their towels and having a ton of fun, and you can totally tell that they–and the audience–all love this song. ^__^

– There was another short MC here.

– Lastly, there was “Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku,” which is such a pretty song (though I prefer faster ones). The girls went back to stand in front of the screens so that you could only see their silhouettes as they waved goodbye at the end of the song.

– After the girls left the stage, the crowd began a chant of “Kyuu-to!” that lasted for four to five minutes before the girls came back out for the encore.

– They performed “Zuntaka March ~Hitorashiku Ikiyou~” from their latest album. I absolutely love it! It’s a funky song with some almost enka-like sections. Chisato and Airi had really strong and almost rough vocals in this one, which was really kind of fun to hear. XD Their outfits were big headbows in either light blue (Maimi and Airi) or light pink (Nakky, Chisato, and Maimai) with matching, fluffy skirts and cropped tour T-shirts in their member colors that also had different-colored bows attached. They waved mini flags during this performance, too.

– There was another MC here. Maimi said to the YouTube audience (in English), “Thank you very much! Please come and enjoy our concert again next time!” One of the members also said, “I love you~!” XD After that, Berryz Koubou showed up in their red, “Chou HAPPY SONG” outfits~! A huge cake was rolled out for the H!P Kids tenth anniversary. The audience sang “Happy birthday” (one of the girls said, “But it’s not a birthday!” XD) and then they all blew out the candles together before the cake was rolled back off the stage.

– They all sang “Chou HAPPY SONG” after that. The only note I was able to write when I was watching that performance was “LOVE THIS SO MUCH,” and even that was just barely scribbled out. XD

– Berryz left after that and Nakky pointed out that someone’s bow fell off during the performance (I’m not sure if it was someone from Berryz or °C-ute who lost the bow).

– The final song was another favorite of mine, “Iza, Susume! Steady go!” Nakky is amazing in this song! Everyone was really great and energetic, so I felt obligated to sing and dance along with the “Iza susume! Susume!” etc. and the “WOW WOW WOW WOW” etc. lines. XDD There were some bursts of fire going off on the top stage during this song.

– After that, the promotional picture from before the concert was back, except, this time, it said, “終了しました。ありがとうございました。 The Program has finished. Thank you for watching.”

I was going through my notes and putting stars next to my favorite performances when °C-ute suddenly appeared again! They thanked the audience again and said that they didn’t really want to leave. They had Airi and Maimai do the friendship thing that the others had done earlier. At the end, they all said they loved each other and shared a group hug. They told the audience they loved them, too, and then they left with one last “Otsukare-raisu!” from Maimai.

That was the end~. It seems like, each time I watch a concert, I end up liking the group even more. For °C-ute, there’s still a lot that I don’t know about them, and there are many songs of theirs that I haven’t heard (I had to have another tab open while the concert was going so I could search for the titles of songs I didn’t know orz), so I really feel like I should take the time to go through all of their old songs and pay better attention to their more recent album and coupling tracks.

Ah, I forgot to list my favorite performances~: Chou WONDERFUL!, Kacchoii Uta, ★Akogare My STAR★, Hatachimae no Onna no Ko, Midnight Temptation, Tokaikko Junjou, Meguru Koi no Kisetsu (what I saw of it, at least), Dance de Bakoon!, Seishun Song, Zuntaka March ~Hitorashiku Ikiyou~, Chou HAPPY SONG, and Iza, Susume! Steady go!

(Sorry if this post was kind of all over the place; if I find any mistakes or remember anything else, I’ll be sure edit this. (^_^”)>

Hooray for °C-ute~! =D

~ Surimu-chan


2 Responses to “°C-ute Concert Tour 2012 Haru Natsu ~Utsukushikutte Gomen ne~”

  1. Ken Says:

    I was there at the concert and am happy to know that we had been sharing almost the same excitement and amazement. ℃-ute is really great. They always perform to the upmost limit of their ability.

    • Surimu-chan Says:

      °C-ute definitely is great! I was so happy to be able to see their concert, even if it was just over the Internet~. It must have been really amazing in person! Thank you for writing! ^__^

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