Morning Musume – Renai Hunter PV

Settings – The dance shot takes place in a well-lit, white room, which really adds to the futuristic/robotic feeling of the song. The group close-ups where the girls are posing for the camera(s) seem to take place in the same room, but with lower lighting. The individual close-ups are also very brightly lit and include the shiny, silver, sequined curtains that remind me of other H!P PVs, such as S/mileage‘s “Yume Miru 15sai” and Berryz Koubou‘s “Maji Bomber!!” (though that was shiny fabric). Again, it fits with the futuristic feel of the song… but I’m a bit tired of seeing it. orz

Outfits – More shiny silver! The outfits also have colored stripes sprinkled with white (unless those are silver, too) stars. The colors follow the following pattern: Gaki-san –> yellow; Sayu, Reina, and Mittsi –> black; 9th gen. –> red; and 10th gen. –> blue. I know others have already pointed this out, but I figured I might as well mention it, because I noticed it right away when I first saw the PV. The kyuukies color is red, which happens to be Riho‘s color, and Riho is the most prominent 9ki member in this song; blue, Daishi‘s color, is for the juukies, and she is also the main 10ki member in this song. There has also been mention of Gaki-san getting Ai-chan‘s color for her outfit, though I have to wonder if they were just going for primary colors and it happened to turn out well. (^_^”)> Anyway, it was also nice to see everyone’s hair down for a change. ^_^ I also rather like the black boots and gloves used for the outfits; I think it completes the look.

Dance – Oh boy… Well, actually, I really like most of the dance. =) It seems quite different from a lot of Morning Musume‘s usual dances. I absolutely love the dance break, but I was a bit disappointed by how little most of the members get to do during the verses; it was just, *pose* *move a bit* *change pose* *move a bit more* =/ The chorus is really simplistic as well, but it’s really high-energy and a lot of fun to dance to, as with the rest of the dance. The only move that I wasn’t too keen on was, of course, the signature move: knees bent out to either side, arms straight up, and hands pointed to the right as they look to the right. (^_^”)> It was made even more awkward when they tiptoed in place and wiggled their fingers. It’s still a bit weird to me, but, after doing the dance myself, I got a little more used to it. XD

PV Misc. – There were two different types of miscellaneous scenes for this PV: the group close-ups and the magazine covers. In the group shots, the girls are all posing in a fairly low-lit room as fans blows their hair around and (what seem to be) camera flashes temporarily brighten the shots. In the magazine shots, we see the girls posing with lollipops while they suddenly appear on the covers of magazines that have information about each girl and the single. I like that they kept the girls moving instead of taking a still shot for the covers. =D I also liked how the text flies in~. Bonus shot: Gaki-san, with a tattoo that says, “モーニング娘。” on her cheek, mouths “Morning Musume daisuki,” at the end of the PV. That ending absolutely killed me. TT_TT I’m going to miss Gaki-san!

Song – It’s too bad that we didn’t get to hear any solo lines from most of the members, but I was really happy with how many lines Gaki-san got. They probably realized that fans would freak out if she didn’t get the focus for her graduation single. Also, I was really impressed with Riho’s singing in this one. ^__^ The song itself if really cool and catchy; I didn’t mind the electronic feel of it. I also didn’t mind Sayu’s auto-tuned line; I thought it fit with the song~.

Overall, I think this is a really great graduation single for Gaki-san. I wish there had been a little more color, but I suppose, for this kind of song, the silver, black, and white combination fits best. I’m a bit unnerved by the fact that I didn’t really notice Mittsi’s absence (though I’m thinking that has to do with the fact that I watched the dance shot version more). o_o [Note: I wrote this review before her graduation announcement. Now I feel worse. orz]

I guess that’s all I have to say for this one~.

You know, I’ve been thinking… maybe I should just do a couple of paragraphs with my reactions to the single instead of these extensive reviews. Others do a much better job of covering everything, so I think it’s kind of unnecessary for me to do so as well. (^_^”)> I think I’ll try something different with future reviews.

~ Surimu-chan


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