Hello! Project Music 2011 – Part 4: S/mileage

Favorite Single – “Uchouten LOVE,” “Please Miniskirt Postwoman!”

Favorite Coupling Track – “Hatsukoi no Anata e” [“Koi ni Booing Buu!”]

Favorite Cover – “Shortcut” [all versions]; “Uchouten LOVE” [Limited A]

Favorite PV – “Koi ni Booing Buu!,” “Uchouten LOVE”

Favorite PV Moments (“Shortcut”) – Saki and Ayacho‘s dreams/wishes

Favorite PV Moments (“Koi ni Booing Buu!”) – The signs and other props; when Yuuka‘s headband almost falls off; Yuuka tossing the “Baka” prop; the sheer craziness of the PV with all of the comic-y speech bubbles/bursts

Favorite PV Moments (“Uchouten LOVE”) – Scenes from the Deco Mic Version of the PV

Favorite PV Moments (“Tachiagaaru”) – The night close-ups during the second half of the video where little shapes and lines appear; the random cow abduction XD

Favorite PV Moment (“Please Miniskirt Postwoman!”) – Ayacho’s spinning transformation

Favorite Dances – “Uchouten LOVE,” “Please Miniskirt Postwoman!”

Favorite Costumes – “Uchouten LOVE” [Dance shot outfits]; “Tachiagaaru” [Original members], “Please Miniskirt Postwoman!”


S/mileage was certainly busy this year! Their first single this year, “Shortcut,” was cute (and I remember a lot of people being shocked with the dramatic haircuts), but it didn’t leave too much of an impression on me. orz The coupling track was really enjoyable, though. “Panya-san no Arubaito” was adorable, and I think I would have preferred it to be the A-side.

“Koi ni Booing Buu!” was totally crazy. XD I loved it! I know a lot of people weren’t fond of the pig ears/nose, but I thought it was cute in the same way that Morning Musume as pirates and Berryz Koubou as monkeys were cute. =D The coupling track, “Hatsukoi no Anata e,” was much more dramatic. It has a Latin-esque sound, and the chorus got stuck in my head from the first listen.

“Uchouten LOVE” is probably the definitive S/mileage single. It has a really catchy tune with even line distribution, and a great PV that shows the members having fun. It’s a tad bittersweet, as this was Saki’s last single, but what a single to leave on! “Jitensha Chiririn,” the coupling track, was much more mellow, though still a fairly upbeat for a slow song. I rather like the chorus.

Like “Shortcut,” S/mileage’s fourth single of the year, “Tachiagaaru,” didn’t leave as much of an impression on me as the others. The chorus actually got stuck in my head right away, but it took me much longer to remember the rest of the song. (^_^”)> I enjoy it much more now. “Smile Ondon” is an interesting, Enka-style coupling track. I actually rather like Enka-style H!P songs. =D

Their final single of the year, “Please Miniskirt Postwoman!,” is amazing! I think this is a really good first single for the second generation (official) members as well as a very fine farewell single for Yuuka (though you think she would have had more lines…). The PV is really bright, and even had a bit of a storyline (which is something I think most H!P PVs severely lack). Also… Ayacho’s and Meimei‘s shared lines are so incredibly adorable! I was hooked instantly! From the little bit of the song that I’ve heard of the coupling track, “Konnichiwa Konbanwa,” it sounds like another cute S/mileage song~.

Overall, despite all of the turmoil this year (and may I say that I sincerely hope that Kosuga Fuyuka can eventually be a member of S/mileage), I think S/mileage has had an incredible year. I hope they continue to do well. =D

Random Observation: Ayacho has inexplicably become one of my favorite H!P members.

~ Surimu-chan


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