Where Would New H!P Members Fit in the Subgroups?

I’ve thought about this before, and there are only a few that I’ve come up with that I think would fit really well into one group or another.

Before Yuuka‘s graduation was announced, I thought that Riho would be the obvious choice to fill the gap that Ai-chan left in this group. Now that Yuuka will be leaving as well, though, I thought that Daishi (Ishida Ayumi) would also be a good fit for the group. I don’t know though… it almost feels like there should be a S/mileage member in there. Unfortunately, I don’t think that any of the new S/mileage members (who aren’t already in a group) would really fit with the image/musical style of High-King. =\ Still… I think Riho and Daishi would be my picks for this group.

(Zoku) v-u-den
I’m going to be honest. I didn’t think Junjun was the strongest singer. She was (is) very pretty, though. With that in mind, my choice to fill her spot in Zoku v-u-den is Iikubo Haruna. She’s older, so it wouldn’t be as awkward having her perform v-u-den’s songs/dances (though I don’t really pay much attention to anything v-u-den; I only really loved one of the songs that I heard from them).

(Shin) Minimoni
Zukki was an automatic choice for this group, in my opinion. She has a very “Minimoni-ish” personality, I think, but her voice isn’t as cutesy, which may be a strike against having her in this group (I actually really love her deeper voice, by the way). She would still be my first choice.

As a quick side note… I realized that I really miss Kamei. T_T Anyway… I thought Fuku-chan would be perfect for this group. It’s a sweet group with a lovely sort of old-fashioned feel to it.

It seems like this group doesn’t get a lot of love, which kind of irritates me, because I loved the original ZYX, and I love ZYX-a, too. Anyway, with one spot open due to Saki‘s graduation… I think I’d like to see Rina in here. I think she has a lot of potential; she sounded great in S/mileage’s latest (or upcoming, I suppose) single.

This was a tough one. I think Haruka is really the only one of the new members (again, of those that aren’t in groups/I haven’t already said) who could pull off the Buono!-esque singing in Aa! Maybe if either Riho or Daishi was put in this one instead, then Haruka could go in High-King…

I think Pucchimoni (V) should stay a trio, so that leaves us with four more girls: Eripon, Masaki, Kanana, and Meimei. It’s not that I dislike any of them; Eripon is fun to watch (if only she’d de-squeak-ify her voice some…), I’ve grown to like Masaki a bit more after I found out she’s left-handed (so shallow of meee~~…. orz), and I saw the charm of Meimei and Kanana in S/mileage’s latest PV. Maybe the four of them could be a new group~. Meimei would probably be the main singer, and Eripon could be secondary if she used the lower voice that she had in songs like “Kaiketsu Positive A.”

If I had to put them each in one of the established groups… I have no idea. I was going to say Meimei for (Shin) Minimoni, but then that would be a lot of S/mileage members in one subgroup (well… ZYX-a is half Berryz…).

If I had my way, I’d put Take-chan in High-King to fill Yuuka’s spot, then I’d put Meimei in (Shin) Minimoni and either Daishi or Riho in Aa!, then Haruka could be in a new subgroup with with remaining members. Something like that.

While we’re on the subject of shuffling the members around… I kind of wish they’d bring back the summer shuffle groups. I know Tsunku already makes about a billion songs a year, so he doesn’t need any more on his plate, but, still… it’d be nice.

~ Surimu-chan


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