S/mileage Concert Tour 2011 Fall ~Gyakushuu no Chou Mini Skirt~

I just finished watching 「スマイレージコンサートツアー2011秋~逆襲の超ミニスカート~」 (S/mileage‘s streamed concert) on YouTube~! =D While I didn’t enjoy it quite as much as Buono!‘s concert, it was still entertaining. I wrote down the setlist~. Please note that my Japanese is very limited so anything I say about the MC portions are only rough ideas (^_^”)>. Also, I apologize for not writing too much; I’ve used the computer a lot, so, for the past month or so, my arms have been killing me. O_O Anyway, on to the details!

1. Tachiagaaru
I like this song~! The “fua fua” parts reminded me of “Chu! Natsu Party.” It’s cute; I don’t quite understand why so many people seem to dislike it already…

2. Otona ni Narutte Muzukashii!!!
Hooray! I guess I like this song more than I thought, because I was really excited to hear it. I couldn’t help but dance along, as I’m currently working on a tutorial for the dance. XD The audience really seemed to get into it.

~ MC 1
– Highlights: Kanon‘s message to YouTube viewers (in English) – “I hope everyone calls me Cinderella!” and the “Cinderella Revolution! Ban, ban, ban, BAN!” that followed. XD
Ayacho‘s “Ayacho BRAVO!” call
Meimei‘s “Meimei Beam!” (though it kind of sounded like “Mayuge Beam”… it wasn’t was it?!) and the short battle between “Meimei Beam!” and “Cinderella Revolution!”

3. OO Ganbaranakutemo Eenende!!
This song featured 1st gen. S/mileage and Kana. The video buffered and skipped for part of this, so I didn’t get to see the whole thing. orz

4. Onna Bakari no Nichiyoubi
Another 1st gen. + Kana song. Aaaaahh~, I love this song~, and the performance was great! Ayacho and Kanon did the main singing, and it looked like Yuuka did most of the secondary vocals, while Kana joined her on some parts.

5. Hatsukoi no Anata e
I was happy that this song was included; it’s definitely one of my favorite S/mileage coupling tracks. =D Meimei did a good job with her lines on this one.

6. Panya-san no Arubaito
This song is adorable (and another favorite coupling track)! This one also had Meimei (whom I mistook for Kana the first time I watched it; I didn’t even notice when they switched out before “Hatsukoi no Anata e” O_O).

~ MC 2
– 1st gen. S/mileage had the topics “Tsunku-san” and “Uso (lie).” For the second one, Yuuka and Ayacho immediately pointed at Kanon. XD If I understood correctly, Kanon defended herself by saying that she told “cute lies” while Yuuka and Ayacho told “scary lies.” XDD

7. aMa no Jaku
This one featured the sub-members only. I thought they did rather well. =) This song is definitely growing on me.

8. Yume Miru 15sai
Another one with only the sub-members… as well as another one that skipped on me. (>_<*) I saw very little of this performance. orz

~ MC 3
– Announcement for sub-members smile campaign and the sub-members were asked a few questions; next is a solo medley for 1st gen. (and a costume change).

9. Gakkyuu Innchou – Yuuka
It took me some time to remember what the song was because I prefer S/mileage’s more upbeat songs, but Yuuka did a very nice job on this.

10. Asu wa Deeto na no ni, Imasugu Koe ga Kikitai – Kanon
Ah~, the song that made my start paying attention to S/mileage. ❤ I’m not sure if she did it in this song, but I noticed that Kanon seems to be doing something simliar to Reina‘s singing (though I’m not sure if Reina still does it…) at some points; it’s almost like she over-emphasizes the “t” sounds in words, if you understand what I mean.

11. Smile Bijin – Ayacho
I like this song a lot more after watching them perform it. And may I just say that Ayacho has improved immesely from when she started (I think I say that every time I talk about S/mileage XD). ^_^

~ MC 4
– This was a skit with mostly the 1st gen., but Take-chan came in near the end.

12. Jitensha Chiririn
It was 1st gen. + Take-chan for this one. Again, I usually prefer the more upbeat S/mileage songs, so I haven’t listened to this very much. (^_^”)> Take-chan is very talented, though. =) Kanon kept trying to pull the poor girl’s skirt up during this song (and she succeeded a couple of times XD).

~ MC 5
– 1st gen. + Meimi and Rina; the topic was “Taking a picture with Yasuda Kei-san.” They each acted it out with Yuuka as Kei. Rina’s method was described as normal; Meimei kept saying something about the camera not working I think?; Ayacho said, “Though I’d rather take a picture with Yaguchi-san…” then pretended to run over to “Yaguchi-san” while ignoring “Yasuda-san” XD; Kanon started to take a picture with “Kei,” but instead shoved her out of the way to take a picture of herself because, after all, she is the “#1 cutest.” XDD

13. Shooting Star
This was 1st gen. with Meimei. As cute as she is, I kind of hope Meimei brings her “in-your-face-cute-and-genki-ness” down a bit… (^_^”)> I like this song, though~.

14. Shortcut
1st gen. + Rina. Of the singles that featured Saki, “Shortcut” is probably my least favorite, but I rather enjoyed this performance. Rina did well, but I hope she gains a bit more confidence. Kanon sang Saki’s last line.

15. Odorou yo
I love this song! I just had to sing along. XD It has a “Summer Raggae! Rainbow” feeling to it. This song also featured Rina, as well as a costume change during Tsunku’s rap.

16. Koi ni Booing Buu!
1st. gen + Take-chan. I really got into this one, and so did the audience, it seems. XD It’s such a fun song~.

17. Onaji Jikyuu de Hataraku Tomodachi no Bijin Mama
With Take-chan again. This was another really great performance! I couldn’t help singing and dancing along. I think Take-chan would make a very good full member for the group. ^_^

18. Uchouten LOVE
Everyone took part in this song. This is probably my favorite single from S/mileage, so I continued to sing and dance along. XD 1st gen. did the dance on one side, while the sub-members did the dance on the other side.

After this, the girls went offstage. The crowd chanted for S/mileage for a few minutes, then the girls came back for the encore.

19. Smile Ondon
This is a coupling track for “Tachiagaaru.” It has the same sound as “Shiawase Kyouryuu Ondo” (Enka style). The girls were wearing short robes in their colors (those matsuri-type robes… I don’t know the name orz) over their last costume. For a recap on member colors: Ayacho – blue, Yuuka – pink, Kanon – purple, Kana – light blue, Take-chan – red, Rina – yellow, Meimi – green (a darker green than Saki had).

~ MC 6

20. Suki-chan
… I may have freaked out when this song started. XD This is my favorite indies single, and it may even tie with “Uchouten LOVE” for my favorite S/mileage single in general. =D

And that was the end~. My favorite performances were probably “Otona ni…,” “Onna Bakari…,” “Koi ni Booing Buu!,” “Bijin Mama,” “Uchouten LOVE,” and “Suki-chan.” ^_^ As with the previous concerts I watched, it was an enjoyable experience, and I think it was worth getting up at three-o’clock in the morning to make sure I didn’t miss it. XD

~ Surimu-chan


2 Responses to “S/mileage Concert Tour 2011 Fall ~Gyakushuu no Chou Mini Skirt~”

  1. Aali Says:

    Thank you for the list!
    I REALLY hope Rina gets picked as full-time member. She stuck out the most vocally to me. She has a very powerful and confident voice, so I hope it’s her! 😀

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