Buono! Live Tour 2011 Summer Rock’n Buono! 4 at Yokohama Blitz

I just finished watching Buono!‘s concert from their live stream on YouTube~! =D At first, I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to watch it, because our Internet connection wasn’t working so well, but it finally loaded about half-an-hour before the concert started. At first, the video was glitching pretty terribly, and it would pause to buffer quite a lot as well, but I noticed a comment that said it helped to watch it on their channel, so I did that, and it was much, much better~. Unfortunately, I didn’t figure that out until about seven songs in, so I didn’t get to hear too much of those ones. =/ Anyway, after a few songs, I decided that I should probably write down the set list so I would have something to look at for this post, so here they are (I’m fairly certain I got all of them…)!

1. partenza~Lets Go!!!~
From the little that I saw of this one, it looked like a really cool performance; the dance was interesting and the girls sounded great. I don’t really understand why some people hate this song so much (well, I suppose I kind of do, but…). o_O

2. FrankincenseΨ
For Miyabi‘s solo, Airi and Momo danced along and did some of the backup vocals (on the “To Prize”/”Get Wise” lyrics and such). I actually rather like the song, but I knew that it would have a “sexy” dance, which it did, and I’m not too fond of that. (^_^”)> It wasn’t as bad as some that I’ve seen, though. Overall, it was a good performance. (An MC followed this song.)

3. Rottara Rottara
Aaahh, I wish it hadn’t glitched during this one! T_T I love this song, and the girls seemed to have fun with it. Then again, they seemed to have fun with all of them.

4. Kira Kira
This is a cute song~. I was kind of surprised to hear it though. I don’t know why. (^_^”)> I do know that I’ll probably be listening to it more now. =D

5. Kia Ora Gracias Arigato
Aargh, another one that I wish hadn’t glitched! I really love Momo’s solo song, especially the chorus. Airi and Miya danced and sang along with the “Yuuki! Genki! Yaruki! Hyakubai!” and the “Wow wow” lines. (An MC followed this song.)

6. Blue-Sky-Blue
This is a pretty song, but, again, I only heard a few bits and pieces of it. (-_-”)

7. My alright sky
This is Airi’s solo with Momo and Miya doing the backup vocals. This is a really lovely song, and it really shows off what a skillful singer Airi is. I think this song would even impress Airi-haters (I can’t believe they exist!). (An MC followed this song.)

8. Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!
Since I started watching the concert on their channel (instead of on the YouTube page) about halfway through “My alright sky,” “Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!” was actually the first one I watched that had minimum glitching/buffering, and let me tell you… I was excited. XD I started singing along and doing the arm movements. For the part where they “fall asleep,” they had a prolonged pause, which I thought was a nice touch.

At this point, the girls went offstage to change while the band (DOLCE) was introduced.

9. Renai Rider
They only did a very small portion of this song… a little more than the chorus, I think.

10. Muteki no ∞ Power
I like this song~~~! =D However, I don’t seem to remember anything in particular about the performance. It was great, but I don’t remember anything standing out.

11. Nakimushi Shounen
This one got me really fired up! It’s sooo much fun to listen to, and the girls really got into it. 8D (An MC followed this song, and Momo declared it to be “drink time.” XD)

12. 1/3 no Junjou na Kanjou
They sang the first part of the song a cappella. ❤ I’ve been listening to this song almost constantly since their mini album came out, so, when I recognized it, I started tearing up a bit. XD This performance was amazing, and it just reminded why I love this song and Buono!

Unlike the PV, the girls all had solo lines in this version, and there was a dance as well. I think I prefer it with the solo lines (though I still think the PV is gorgeous).

14. Ice Mermaid
I haven’t listened to this song very much, but I’ve never heard a bad performance from Buono!, and this was no exception. (An MC followed this song.)

15. Our Songs
This is another one that made me really excited! I think I previously described this song as a very “Buono!-like” Buono! song, and that still holds true. ❤

16. Lady Panther
A great performance of one of my favorite Buono! coupling tracks~! I found it only slightly odd, because I’m used to the version where they had the leopard print outfits. XD The singing was perfect, though.

17. Janakya Mottainai!
Another one of my favorite coupling tracks! =DD I didn’t hear as much of this one because my brother was talking to me at the time, but it was still awesome.

18. MY BOY
Yay~, so many high energy songs! 8D I always like the songs where they sing in deeper voices.

The girls then went offstage. The crowd chanted for Buono! (and DOLCE, too, I believe) for about five minutes before they came back on in different costumes (probably my favorites).

19. Natsu Dakara!
They did a beautiful job on this one. During Airi’s spoken lines, the crowd was going wild. My favorite part was probably Airi’s lines after the spoken lines (where she sings while the music is quiet, then it picks back up partway through). ^__^ (An MC followed this song.)

20. Warp!
This is such an awesome song, and it’s just as awesome watching the crowd participation as everyone twirls their towels around. To be honest, I wanted to join in, so I found a hat that was Airi green and started twirling that. XDD I felt a bit stupid, but it was a lot of fun. I can only imagine how amazing being at the actual performance must feel.

And that was the end~. I have to say, as much as I enjoyed °C-ute‘s concert when I watched that one on YouTube, I really, really loved Buono!’s, because I knew more of the songs (and it didn’t glitch as much). ❤ The only thing that would have made it better (for me) is if “Zassou no Uta” had been included (and maybe “Gachinko de Ikou!” and “Kataomoi.,” too).

The highlights for me (though I’m sure you could probably tell) were “Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!,” “Nakimushi Shounen,” “1/3 no Junjou na Kanjou,” “Our Songs,” and “Warp!” ^___^

Also, I love the T-shirts for this tour! I’ve always loved the card theme (I’ve done something similar with my own pictures before). I actually really, really want an Airi shirt, because Airi is my favorite member, green is my favorite color, and the club/clover is my favorite suit. XD The only problem is, I don’t really like wearing peoples’ faces on my clothes (and they’re expensive!). XD

So ends a great experience. I am so grateful that the H!P groups have YouTube channels and that they’ve decided to stream concerts every once in a while. ❤

~ Surimu-chan


2 Responses to “Buono! Live Tour 2011 Summer Rock’n Buono! 4 at Yokohama Blitz”

  1. Aali Says:

    I’m not an Airi hater, though I’m not fond of her. (I like her in Buono! a lot better than in C-ute) and even I LOVED her solo song! It’s my favorite off the album. When I got the CD I listened to her song more than any of the others (and Miya is my bis XD).

    • Surimu-chan Says:

      I also prefer Airi in Buono! =) I’m not a big fan of slower songs, but she has such a lovely voice that I don’t mind listening to the song~. ^_^ “1/3 no Junjou na Kanjou” has to be my favorite song on the album, though. =D

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