S/mileage’s New Sub Members

To be quite honest, I didn’t follow the S/mileage auditions that closely. … Actually, I didn’t know where to find any of the information/videos of auditions, otherwise I would have. (^_^”)> Now that the new girls have been announced, though, I can safely say that I… still don’t have much of an impression. orz I did the same thing with Morning Musume‘s ninth generation; perhaps it comes from some subconscious desire to protect myself from picking a favorite who might not be chosen (or maybe it’s just because I’ve been so busy (^_^”)>).

Anyway, I don’t know too much about the new girls (even Takeuchi Akari, though I like her in Shin Minimoni), but I think it’s too early to make any decisions about them anyway. I feel a bit bad about them going through the auditions thinking they would be getting into the group if they passed only to be labelled “sub-members” and told that they would be watched carefully for another few months. (Perhaps it’s just a publicity stunt; I wonder if they would get rid of one of the sub-members even if it meant they would upset that girl’s fanbase.)

Speaking of feeling bad, it was sad to see the original members crying when they were announcing the new members. I know I would feel terrible (and probably angry) if I had trained hard for six years to be an idol only to have new girls join a little over a year after I debuted. Maybe that’s why Tsunku made the new girls sub-members…

Also, I wonder if the original members are thinking about possible graduations. Ayacho is seventeen, and, even though I don’t agree, I know some people consider that to be a bit old for an idol (at least a happy, cutesy, S/mileage-type idol). Maybe the girls are worried that they’ll only get a few more years in the group. That’s a sad thought. =(

Even though the point of this post is S/mileage, while we’re on the subject of graduations… I can’t help but think of the fate of Morning Musume as a group. If S/mileage takes over the “audition/graduation” formula, will Morning Musume perhaps retire as a group after, say, ten generations and their fifteenth anniversary? And Berryz Koubou and °C-ute after ten years in H!P? I don’t care for the idea. Ahh, what am I saying? I doubt Tsunku would ever get rid of the main groups. That would be like dissolving H!P. Don’t listen to me; I’m just tired. XD

Getting back on track, I’m kind of excited to see S/mileage’s next video. As much as I love 4nin S/mileage, I’d like to see what kind of video they’ll make with nine girls. I hope it’s interesting~. =D Nakanishi Kana, Kosuga Fuyuka, Takeuchi Akari, Katsuta Rina, and Tamura Meimi… work hard~!

I suppose I’ll end by mentioning three girls that didn’t get in: Miyamoto Karin, Miyazaki Yuka, and  Jang Dayeon. Karin was a favorite for many, many people, which meant that many, many people were disappointed when she wasn’t added to the lineup. A lot of fans are speculating that she’ll be one of the Morning Musume juukies which I think is a plausible idea. From the few performances I’ve seen her in, she’s got the looks, the personality, and the singing and dancing talent (not to mention, she already has a fanbase) to make it as a member of Morning Musume. Plus, if she doesn’t get in, there will be a lot of even angrier fans out there. o_o Miyamoto Yuka… I know nothing about. orz She’s the one that many have described as the “AKB girl” (I kind of giggled at that because the one picture I saw of her gave me that impression). She seems to have been another fan favorite, so maybe we’ll be seeing her again. Finally Jang Dayeon… I feel kind of bad for her. =( I was almost positive that she wasn’t going to get in, just like I was almost positive that Junjun and Linlin wouldn’t get solo songs on their last album. A lot of people mentioned that she isn’t confident enough, but I’d like to point out that plenty of other H!P girls didn’t seem very confident when they fiirst started out. I’d really like to see her career go somewhere instead of having another Ice CreaMusume situation. *sigh*

Well, that’s all I have to say. I suppose it’s quite a lot for someone who didn’t really follow the auditions and knows next to nothing about the new members, but… that’s that. (^_^”)>

(Ah, I forgot to mention that I’m planning on doing a single ranking for the ten singles featuring 4nin S/mileage, so be on the lookout for that! ^_^)

~ Surimu-chan


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