S/mileage – Uchouten LOVE PV

Settings – So, for settings, we have a stage with a giant “LOVE” sign in the back and a huge disco ball made out of silver heart balloons, a purikura type area for some of the “other” shots, and a super-empty classroom with four desks and chairs and a clock (and an intercom, I think?). I’m not sure where to put this comment, so I’ll put it here: I love the heart lights in the girls’ eyes during their close ups! ❤

Outfits – There are two outfits for each girl in this PV: the school uniforms (which are used for the “other” scenes and some of the purikura scenes) and the flashy, brightly-colored outfits (which are used for the dance shot, the close ups, and some of the purikura scenes). I like both outfits, though I kind of wish that the green of Ayacho‘s top was a bit brighter so that it contrasted with Yuuka‘s yellow top more.

Dance – This dance looks like so much fun, and it’s as much fun to do as it is to watch. =D I think I liked it even more after watching each of the girls explain one small section of the dance in a video. There are quite a few parapara elements to the dance, and I really like the way some of the moves sort of “flow” from one member to the next. Kanon seemed to be a little mixed up in places… (^_^”)>

Acting – I love the girls’ antics in front of the mic. XD Besides that, the purikura scenes were also great (ahaha, their faces for the “crying” picture XD), and the school scenes were awesome. I think it’s hilarious how obvious it is that the pencil is taped/stuck to Saki‘s lip. XD Ayacho, always the responsible leader, is the only one studying, while Yuuka sings in her sleep, and Kanon colors (or maybe she’s writing notes?). And then there were the scenes with the four of them lined up neatly in their uniforms; I couldn’t help but laugh at how seriously they said, “WAHOO!” XDD The final “other” scenes were for Yuuka’s and Ayacho’s solo lines on the stage.

Singing – I love how even S/mileage‘s line distribution is. ❤ I don’t know how many times I’ve said this, but Ayacho has improved so much! She still has the super-cutesy voice (as does Yuuka), but she’s come a long way since Shugo Chara Egg! Hooray for Yuuka’s “NAI!” XD Much like the “one-by-one”-ness of some of the dance moves, I love the lines where each member sings one syllable of a line (like “ma-i-ni-chi”).

Song – I re~ally love this song. There are very few songs that I adore from the first listen, and this is one of them. Ever since the first preview was out, I was eagerly awaiting the full version. When that came out, it definitely did not disappoint.

The PV has a rather “cheap” feeling to it, but I thought I read/heard somewhere that that was what they were going for? It was something along the lines of “being cheap while still being cute,” if I’m remembering correctly. Well, it was definitely cute. ^_^ My only gripe is the color palette; there seemed to be an awful lot of purple and pink. It’s not that I don’t like those colors, but I would have preferred to have the girls in really bright, contrasting outfits against the backdrop (at least for the dance shot outfits). Saki’s shirt more or less matches the “LOVE” sign, and Ayacho’s and Yuuka’s tops look a bit sickly-colored. But that’s a very minor thing that I can definitely overlook, because I love this song and PV so much. I’m fairly certain that this is my favorite S/mileage song of the 2011~. =D 4nin S/mileage certainly ended on a high note; now, what will the new member bring to the table?

~ Surimu-chan


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