~ Kyuukies’ “Only you” Close Up Versions ~

Even though I don’t usually like to watch close-up versions of PVs, I decided I’d like to see how the Kyuukies handled the more dramatic music of “Only you” in their close-ups. First, I watched Gaki-san‘s solo version, and hers was more or less like the close-ups I’m used to: look at the camera, then look somewhere else, then somewhere else, look at the camera for solo lines, look somewhere else, look at the camera etc. In her defense (and the defense of the other members who got few to no solo lines), it must be difficult to stand in one place and try to think of things to do/look at for five minutes without really having many lines to lipsync. (^_^”)> Anyway, after I watched hers, I watched the kyuukies versions…

Aww~. They’re trying so hard. It’s just great. d(>w<)b They seemed to put a lot of effort into showing the mood of the song. If you want a quick summary of their habits for the videos, I seem to remember Eripon moving her right hand/arm a lot (though I believe Riho did as well) and doing a lot of dramatic closing and opening of the eyes and snapping her gaze toward the camera; Zukki moving her head and mouth a lot (or, you know, pursing and parting her lips, I guess); Fuku-chan starting out fairly mellow but really moving her shoulders part way through; and Riho biting her lips and doing a lot of dramatic movements (lucky her getting solo lines XD).

I actually do recommend watching them. =D (I haven’t watched Ai-chan‘s, Reina‘s, Sayu‘s or Mittsi‘s yet, but I plan on doing so eventually.) I think Eripon especially tried to have an interesting close-up version, even though (or maybe because?) she didn’t have any solo lines; the dramatic “eye acting” and hand movements were more fun to watch than the usual looking around (sorry, Gaki-san m(_ _)m). It’s a pity that she didn’t get more screen time. =(

That’s about all. Be sure to check out their solo versions (and all of the other versions of the PV) on their official YouTube channel~! =D

~ Surimu-chan


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