Morning Musume – Only you PV

Settings – The entire thing was in one small area, I guess, but it wasn’t completely boring because of the awesome lighting changes from white to red to purple. =D The candelabras for the “other” parts really created a pretty scene along with the floating crystals/gems; I know a lot of people thought the crystals looked horrible and fake, but I rather liked the effect. Sure, it might have been a bit of a screensaver effect, but that’s not so bad.

Outfits – I quite like the outfits for this PV; well, at least the older members’ outfits. Their long-sleeved, white-and-silver dresses were quite pretty in my opinion. The kyuukies’ white-and-silver shorts and shortened tops were fine, too. I wasn’t sure how I felt about the huge hair accessories (those giant gems look pretty fake-y), but they actually work rather well with the rest of the outfit, as do the tall, lace-up boots (though I’m not a big fan of them being open-toed o_O). Also, hooray for Gaki-san‘s hair going back to normal (more or less), but boo for whatever they tried to do to Mittsi‘s. (-_-”)

Dance – The dancing during the verses is really repetitive and a bit odd, and the dancing during the chorus is a bit… lacking, I guess. However, I really love the fast dancing just after the chorus~. =D The dance break is all right, but, for me, it leans a bit toward the boring side. (^_^”)>

Acting – It seems this is another PV where the only “acting” is the old “look at the camera thoughtfully/wistfully/etc.” Meh.

Singing – Lovely singing all around, though I wish I could have heard Fuku-chan, Eripon, and Zukki more. Though Riho isn’t my favorite of the new members, I still think she did well with her lines. As far as the debate as to whether or not Gaki-san’s autotuned lines were good or not… of course they were good! I thought the autotune fit with the song, but if you don’t like it, you can listen to the live versions. She still rocks her lines. ^__^ Oh, Sayu… always the “Ah~” lines. XD

Song – The verses are a bit repetitive, but I love the chorus! Also, Gaki-san’s lines (and the similar sounding parts that Ai-chan and Reina have) are also really great~. A~nd I really liked Ai-chan’s and Reina’s echoing lines. =D

Overall, I enjoyed this PV. I don’t know if I enjoyed it as much as the “Maji Desu ka Ska!” PV, but, then again, I always prefer the fun PVs that have them doing something more than “dance shot/close up/stare at the camera,” so… (^_^”)>

~ Surimu-chan


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