°C-ute – Momoiro Sparkling PV

First of all, this doesn’t really fit it any category, but I have to say… I don’t really like the title card. =\ Secondly, I’ll warn you now… you’ll see the word “summery” in this review a lot. (^_^”)>

Settings – This PV has (more or less) two settings: the area for the dance shot with the blue-and-white checkered floor with white, stacked blocks/boxes in the background and the bright pink doors. There was also the peach-colored, cloudy background used in the close ups. I think all of the settings (as well as the near-constant presence of pink bubbles) help to keep the summery feeling of the PV. =D

Outfits – It seems they took the “Aitai Lonely Christmas” route instead of the “Kiss me Aishiteru” one, because they girls all have their own look instead of everyone getting a matching outfit. They’re all in bright, happy colors that definitely fit with the sound of the song. =D The only thing that I can’t stand is Nakky‘s shorts with the pockets sticking out (just because I think it looks ridiculous in general). I’m reminded of Buono!‘s “Take it easy!” with these outfits. My favorites are Maimi‘s and Airi‘s, though I also like Maimai’s top, and I really like Chisato‘s hair like that. ^_^

Dance – Even the dance seems fun and summery~. It looks simpler than other °C-ute dances, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I saw a few familiar moves, but only a couple of them were obvious (and recent) enough to bug me. (^_^”)> I like the rolling of the index fingers instead of the usual arm rolling.

Acting – There wasn’t much acting going on but there were a few “other” scenes in the PV: the pink door entrances; the squirt guns squirting the camera; the jumping scenes (which kind of reminded me of Arashi’s one video… “Kotoba Yori Taisetsu Na Mono” I think); the plastic balls being dropped on them; and the “beach” scene, complete with a small game with a beach ball. I think having such a variety of extra scenes made this PV a lot more interesting than other recent releases. ^__^ Along with the jumping scenes, Airi getting a ball stuck under her heel was one of the PVs highlights, I’d say. XD

Singing – Nakky’s and Maimai’s voices still aren’t really my favorites, but this song doesn’t seem to require very powerful vocals, so they fit in nicely. =)

Song – The song has an adorably summery sound. It seems more mellow than energetic, and something about it reminds me of a Pucchimoni song (particularly the line directly preceding the chorus for some reason).

Overall… yes, I do believe “summery” is the best word for this PV. XD All of the elements that make up the video fit the theme perfectly~. I think it’s great! =D (On a random note, something about the PV gave me a bit of a Barbie vibe… perhaps the super-bright pink doors? XD)

~ Surimu-chan


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