S/mileage – Koi ni Booing Buu! PV

I’ve finally gotten around to writing a review for “Koi ni Booing Buu!” (or is it “Boo” … or “Bu”? I’ve seen it romanized a ton of different ways. I’m going to stick with “Buu.”) I wanted to wait a while before I wrote a review for this PV, because, as is often the case for me, my first impression wasn’t very accurate (I thought it was kind a cutesy sort of bland). Now that I’ve listened to it more and watched the PV multiple times (well, a few times; I think I’ve watched the dance shot version more (^_^”)>), I can say that I love it. On with the review!

Settings – I love the cartoon-yness of the main set! That’s really the only way I can think to describe it. And the colors are so very S/mileage (literally… aren’t those the members’ colors?)~. The setting for the black version is an appropriately black background with a grey/green-looking couch.

Outfits – The main outfits are odd, fluffy-skirted (of course), pink things dotted with pompoms and the cartoon pig from the title card, as well as the usual S/mileage crest. They’re also wearing criminally-high heels in a light purple-and-pink color (also decorated with pompoms) and pink (or it might be light purple) headbands/tiny hats (again… with pompoms). The other accessories with this outfit are, of course, the pig-ears heaband and pig nose. (^_^”)> The dresses from the black version (though they don’t really fit with the song… at all) are… black (except Saki‘s has some white/grey on it). Besides this, the girls are wearing dark red shoes and have their hair and makeup done up nicely.

Dance – Aaahh, it’s adorable! It’s also very S/mileage-y in that it’s fairly simple (it probably has to be with those heels they’re wearing o_o). My favorite parts are the moves just before the chorus when it looks like two of the members are causing the other two to move (around 1:10 and 2:36 in the Dance Shot Vers.). Maybe it’s just for this one, but Ayacho seems like a fairly strong/energetic dancer (except for the little mistake she made in here XD).

Acting – The girls’ interacting with the props (and pig accessories XD) and each other made the video for me. I still can’t understand the point of the black version; it seems so out of place. (Maybe it has something to do with the lyrics…?). Most of the video was just adorable, (like when they were “eating” the giant cake and cherry) though I kind of dislike the animated pig. (-_-”)

Singing – Ayacho has improved a lot~! Granted, she’s still got a ways to go to catch up with Kanon and Saki, but she has definitely made progress. =D The “baka” lines (especially Yuuka‘s “Mou, baka!”) were among my favorite parts.

Song – I love the repeated syllables at the end of the chorus lines! This seems like it would be a really fun song to hear live. It has their typical cutesy sound (except for Tsunku’s “Buu”-ing in the background XD), which I know some people don’t like, but I can stand it from S/mileage. ^_^

Overall, I definitely like “Koi ni Booing Buu!” better than “Shortcut.” The song and the PV. Yep. ^_^

~ Surimu-chan


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