Morning Musume – Maji Desu ka Ska! PV

Whoa, long time no see. I was busy following the news on Japan’s situation for about a week after the earthquake and tsunami hit, and, after that, my laptop decided to stop working (yes, again), so I haven’t been on the Internet as much. (^_^”)>
Anyway… ARGH, I love “Maji Desu ka Ska!” so much~~~~~!!! =DD

Settings – The PV boasts simple settings similar to many other H!P PVs as of late. The close up shots are in front of plain, one-colored walls, but they’re nice and bright, while the moving close ups are in front of the huge, black kana which were also used for the dance shot (and “other” scenes). Besides the kana, we have a black-and-white striped floor (mostly; there’s also the black-and-blue checkered floor), and two cacti, which, at least for me, inspires both a “?!!??!” and a “^____^” reaction. XD

Outfits – The regular close up and dance shot outfits are rather punk-ish, with brightly-colored, studded jackets, many accessories, fingerless gloves, shorts, and (some rather hideous) stockings. I’ve seen them described as “a more colorful ‘Naichau Kamo’.” I like them, mostly. =) The outfits used for the moving close ups (and the covers) both fit and do not fit, in my opinion. They work with the rest of the black-and-white setting, but the bright-and-busy look of the dance outfits fit the song and provide more contrast.

Dance – This dance is so energetic and fun that I always have a big grin on my face when I watch it. I see a lot of new moves in here, which is always great. The wave-like moves around 2:24 might be my favorite part of the dance. When they stand in a line and look back and forth at each other, it reminded me of “Souda! We’re ALIVE.” Riho really is a great dancer~. Overall, I’m just really excited to learn this dance. =D

Acting – YEEESSS, this PV has “other” scenes! ❤ I love the girls’ interactions with the kana. Ai-chan‘s little skip/jump in front of the exclamation point was obviously one of the highlights of the entire PV. XD I also liked Eripon‘s part with the “で.” ALSO… Mittsi-jiisan is awesome. So very awesome. XD  I really liked the beginning with all of the girls simply posing next to the kana, and the quick run through of the kana after the dance break (around 3:03).

Singing – The kyuukies have improved~~. I actually kind of love Zukki and Fuku-chan‘s voices. T_T Ai-chan, Gaki-san and Reina sound amazing as always, and Sayu and Mittsi sound great, too.

Song – It’s so happy~~~~~! ❤ I really love it. Their last upbeat, happy single was “Mikan,” right? “Seishun Collection” was happy, but still fairly mellow… Anyway, I have no problem with them going back to these kind of songs. In fact, I welcome it. The only thing about the song that kind of threw me when I first heard it was the space just before the chorus; the timing seemed odd, or something, but it didn’t stop me from loving the song (and I’ve gotten used to it now XD).

Overall, I’m really pleased with this PV. Sometimes, when I write PV reviews, watching videos over and over to focus on different things can seem like a chore, but, with “Maji Desu ka Ska!,” I actually had to make myself stop watching so I could get this written; I would be looking at the sets or clothes or something, and pretty soon I’d be dancing around, singing along with the chorus. XD Yep. I like it. *sparkles*

~ Surimu-chan


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