Mano Erina – Seishun no Serenade PV

Whoa, I’ve been gone for a while! Sorry about that, everyone. (*crickets* Yeah, I know; I don’t have a lot of readers. XD) I wanted to start getting those PV reviews I promised written, so here’s one for Mano Erina‘s “Seishun no Serenade.”

Settings – The school setting in subdued tones is very Mano-ish, in my opinion. Also… Yes, I do need to point out and make a big deal out of the “LOVE Machine” and “Renai Revolution 21” posters. =DD

Outfits – There’s a typical Mano-type outfit for the “story” scenes: a fuzzy, white shirt, red plaid skirt, and boots. Then there’s the dance shot outfit which is red and white and so covered in zippers that it looks like Tetsuya Nomura had a hand in designing it (that’s not necessarily a bad thing; I love his art~). It doesn’t really fit with the rest of the video/song, but, for some reason, I rather like it.

Dance – It’s fairly simple-looking, as many of Mano-chan’s dances seem to be, but it works with the song, so there’s that at least.

Acting – The ending with the piano was a nice touch. =) As per usual, though, there didn’t seem to be much acting going on… just the usual “wander around looking semi-curious and/or thoughtful.”

Singing – I liked the effect used on the “hoshii yo” line~. Besides that, I think Erina has improved immensely since her debut, so props to her! She sounded great in this.

Song – The only part that I’m not too keen on is the “Seishun wa JOURNEY etc.” bit. It really seems to throw the whole song out of whack. Though it was kind of neat having the “crowd” singing background vocals in the end. As for the rest of the song… <3. The chorus is especially good, and I find myself singing it every once in a while. ^__^

Overall, this is definitely one of my favorite releases from Mano-chan. The song is right up there with “Onegai Dakara…” and “Haru no Arashi,” and the PV isn’t too bad either. =)

~ Surimu-chan


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