This PV seems like it was expensive to make (at least, more expensive than a lot of the recent H!P PVs), but it didn’t seem like much was going on… =(

Settings – A fancy yacht, some fancy cars, and a fancy hotel (or building at least) make this Buono!‘s ritziest video yet. I really love the lighting of the hotel. In fact, the coloring for the whole video seems really elegant.

Outfits – I much prefer these outfits over the ones in “Zassou no Uta.” For the yacht scenes, there are the mostly-black-with-some-white outfits (I like Miya‘s best; she’s not wearing those dreadful fishnets), and for the other scenes the girls are wearing shiny, black coats, Union Jack-styled sweaters, plaid skirts, and tall boots. Also, their hair accessories are in their Buono! colors (except Momo‘s looks more white than pink).

Dance – Again… no dance. (-_-”)

Acting – We know how much Buono! loves their food, so the pizza-eating scene was realistic enough. XD When they each got out of the cars, they were perfect pictures of stars. =D

Singing – Whoa, no solo lines whatsoever! o_o That’s okay, because Buono! still sounds great.

Song – The song has grown on me more since I first heard it, but I still prefer “Zassou no Uta.” This one seemed a bit like a more forgettable “Independent Girl ~ Dokuritsu Joshi de Aru Tame ni.” Then again, I might come to really love it like I did with some of Buono!’s album tracks.

Overall, I think I may like this PV more than the one for “Zassou no Uta.” The girls look and sound great, and the video was just really pretty~. My favorite scenes were the ones in the hotel/building; the lighting was awesome, and the switching between the girls was a neat effect.

~ Surimu-chan


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