S/mileage – Shortcut PV

First of all, S/mileage is getting some great title cards (or whatever they’re called) for their videos. I love the little icons for “Shortcut.”

Settings – There are two settings in this PV: “salon dream” (or “dream salon” maybe?), and… outer space. Perhaps the moon. The first is a bright white room with four mirrors, four bright, yellow-gold chairs, and a hair stylist with seemingly magical scissors. The second has a pretty view of Earth in the background as S/mileage dances around, plays with moon rocks, and takes picture of themselves with a S/mileage flag.

Outfits – So, we have the usual, S/mileage-style, short, poofy dresses for the scenes on the “moon” (or in “space,” at least), and short skirts and plaid, long-sleeve shirts under white sweaters (or maybe they’re just shirts, too) for the “salon” scenes. While the flowery dresses are cute, I’m starting to get tired of the short, fluffy look. (-_-”)

Dance – It looks very… simple. It’s cute, from what I can see, but there aren’t any moves that stand out as original or particularly fun. =/ Eh, it may grow on me… Kanon was really bouncing around at one point in the video. XD

Acting – I thought everyone staring at their hair was a little silly-looking. However, when Yuuka was getting her hair cut, it almost looked like she was about to cry at one point. T_T Obviously, Saki is to S/mileage as Momo is to Buono!; everyone else is discussing their dreams with the hair stylist, while Saki is (literally) dreaming of eating sweets. XD DAWA‘s “dream” made me laugh, too. So that explains the “outer space” scenes. The drawings were cute. The scenes with the flag reminded me of Morning Musume‘s “Koko ni Iruzee!”

Singing – As always, DAWA is the weakest singer, but, again, she has improved. =D Saki really rocked her last line.

Song – Unfortunately, this has yet to really get stuck in my head. I can remember the chorus, but that’s about it. But, hey, I said the same thing about “Bijin Mama,” and now I love that song!

~ Surimu-chan


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