Hello! Project Music 2010 – Part 2: Berryz Koubou and °C-ute

* Please note that, when I talk about fan’s reactions, I only have a very general idea; I’m not one to frequent forums or anything like that, so I’m only guessing by what I have seen. Also, my favorite tracks are not in any sort of order (as in I like the first one listed more than the one after it, etc.). (^_^”)

Berryz Koubou continued their slew of double A-sides for their first single of 2010 with “Otakebi Boy WAO!/Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda!” The new, almost rough style of singing used in “Otakebi Boy WAO!” surprised many fans, but many seemed to enjoy it. “Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda!” had a bit more of an old-time feel to it.
Months later came the more punk/ska-like “Maji Bomber!!,” the PV of which boasted the girls wearing clothes to match the music and “playing” instruments (… mostly guitars). The coupling track, “MOON POWER” (their first in a while), has a slightly mysterious sound and a powerful chorus.
In their last single of the year, “Shining Power,” Berryz Koubou sings about lunch boxes and plays ping pong. They then slow down for the coupling track, “Chotto Samishii na.”
Because of the huge number of A-sides they’ve had recently, Berryz Koubou’s sixth album, 6th Otakebi Album, only had five new songs, two of which were group songs.

My Favorite Berryz Koubou Tracks for 2010: Otakebi Boy WAO!, Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda!, Maji Bomber!!, MOON POWER, Grand Demo Rouka Demo Medatsu Kimi, Yakimochi wo Kudasai!

Honorable Mentions: Shining Power, Ai ni wa Ai Desho, Kimi no Tomodachi


Many fans were shocked (no pun intended) and/or irratated (or even outraged) with °C-ute‘s first single, “SHOCK!,” which was mostly sung by Suzuki Airi. The coupling track, “Ikiyouze!” was mostly sung by Airi and °C-ute leader Yajima Maimi.
Their second single, “Campus Life ~Umarete Kite Yokatta~,” favored a cuter sound than the cool “SHOCK!,” and managed to sell better as well (though just barely; “Campus Life” sold 543 more copies in its first week). “Tachiagare Otome-tachi” is rather catchy… but rather odd. Are those instruments or creepy voices during the verses?! o_O
The fun “Dance de Bakoon!” delighted many fans because of the more equal line distribution. The coupling track, “Kore Ijou Kirawaretakunai no” shared similarly even line distribution, but lacked the A-side’s funky feeling.
°C-ute’s final single of the year, “Aitai Lonely Christmas,” was also their highest-selling single with 26,238 copies sold in its first week. This single also had more even line distribution. “Seishun! Mugen Power” sounded a bit more like a summer song to me, but was still an interesting listen.
Their album release, Shocking 5, sold a disappointing 7,345 copies and only reached #25 on the Oricon charts. I admit, I was prepared to say, “That’s not so shocking,” but after listening to a minute or so of each new album track, they’re not all that bad, though I wish there would have been some more upbeat ones.

My Favorite °C-ute Tracks for 2010: Campus Life ~Umarete Kite Yokatta~, Aitai Lonely Christmas

Honorable Mentions: SHOCK!, Dance de Bakoon!, Aa Koi, Lonely Girl’s Night, Kimi no Senpou

(I can’t really pick many favorites, because I usually only listen to °C-ute’s A-sides. (^_^”)> I listened to the coupling tracks and album tracks for the first time to do this post.)

I still have to write the posts for S/mileage, Mano Erina, Buono!, and the miscellaneous songs, though I have been listening to S/mileage’s album tracks a lot, so that one should go quickly~. ^_^

~ Surimu-chan


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