Guardians 4 Ranking – Part 5: Outfits

This is going to be a short ranking, because the outfits are so very similar.

4. Going On!
– Yellow with… red? Couldn’t they have had a lighter yellow…? That may have actually upped its ranking for me…

3. Omakase♪Guardian
– I actually really like these… maybe it’s just that the white lines stand out a little too much, and the darker squares look a little… hmm, I don’t know. =/

– I love how the different shades of green blend together in these outfits~! =D The only reason it’s in second place is because I personally like brighter shades of green, though this minty color is nice.

1. School Days
– The blue is so bright! YAY~! If you’ve read any of opinions on different outfits, you already know that I love bright colors, and these definitely are bright. ^__^ Plus, I just think the bright blue plaid is a good contrast with the solid black and white. =D

The results after the fifth ranking:

4. Going On! (9 points)
3. Omakase♪Guardian (11 points)
2. and 1. School Days (15 points) and PARTY TIME (15 points)

Whoa~~, “School Days” and “PARTY TIME” are now neck and neck! At first, I was going to make it a tie between those two for this ranking. To be clear, I love the look of all of the outfits in general. ^_^

~ Surimu-chan


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