Morning Musume – Fantasy! Juuichi Album Review

1. Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game (AL Ver.)
– Yep… I love the added intro. =D I don’t think extending the pauses in the music was really necessary, but that’s just my opinion. Also, I prefer the original instrumental break, even though the added guitar in this version sounds kind of neat. (Can anyone point out the significance of the color order I chose for the title? XD)

2. Bravo!
– I was singing along with with all the echoing parts (“kai kai kai~,” “LET’S GO!,” etc.) the first time I heard it, because they’re so catchy. And all of the cheering is… cheerful. XD This is a fun song that puts a smile on my face. ^_^ Bravo~!

3. Fantasy ga Hajimaru
– This song has a very danceable sound. Something about it reminded me of “Aishite Aishite Ato Ippun.” I actually really love the chorus~; it reminds me of another song, but I can’t seem to place it. … And I heard that little auto-tuning with Sayu‘s singing. They seem to be doing that a lot with her, don’t they (or am I imagining things…)? They also seem to be giving her a lot of whispering lines. The more I listen to this song, the more I like it. =D The vocalizing near the end sounded great, too.

4. Onna Gokoro to Nanto Yara
– My first reaction was, “Whoa, this sounds like a NEWS song!,” which makes me love it more… It seems like it would be really easy to sing along with. =) I also really like the shouting during the last repeat of the chorus. The only part that kind of bugs me is the “No, no, no, no, no,” but meh.

5. Ai no Honoo
– The first time I listened to this… I was kind of bored. It’s not just because it’s a slower song; there just wasn’t any part that caught my attention. Listening to it a second time through… it’s still not impressing me. I prefer Reina‘s other solo, “Kira Kira Fuyu no Shiny G,” to this. Then again, “Ai no Honoo” could end up like Eri‘s solo “Kataomoi no Owari ni,” which I was kind of bored with when I first heard it, but I’m obsessed with it right now. XD

6. I’m Lucky girl
– The beginning reminded me of a W song that I can’t seem to remember right now. (^_^”)> There seems to be a lot of Berryz-style repeating in the verses (as in “Maji Bomber!!” and “Shining Power”). The chorus is rather interesting; I kind of like the echoing lines of “girl” and “yes.”

7. Sungoi My Birthday
– … I’m kind of obsessed with the “CHU RU RU RUN”s. =D And the whole song, really. I’m sure I’ve listened to it over ten times today. I was happy to hear Mittsi, Linlin, and Junjun so clearly. ^__^ … ARGH, I love this song. ❤

8. Ichi Kara Juu Made Aishite Hoshii
– It took me a few listens, but I finally realized what the beginning of this song sounded like: “The Peace!” This song reminds me of an even peppier “Seishun Collection,” complete with “WOO YEAH”s, which isn’t a bad thing. =) This is a great song~.

9. Itoshiku Kurushii Kono Yoru ni
– Yay for Eri getting the opening lines! =D I’m not sure how I feel about the staccato lines before the chorus. =/ It’s a pretty sort of song, but, as of now, it’s not my favorite of the new songs.

10. Denwa de ne
Ai-chan is an amazing singer. Truly amazing. But her solos always seem to lose my interest. I’m listening to this right now, and I can’t even remember how it goes. (-_-”) Would it hurt to give her a faster solo? Though I know Ai-chan likes R&B music… To be honest, I would have preferred a Gaki-san solo (or Junjun or Linlin, but we know that wouldn’t have happened).

11. Seishun Collection
– I’ve grown to really love this song, and I love singing along with it. ❤ ❤ Even though I wasn’t too terribly accepting of it when I first listened to it, I can say now that I’m really, really glad that they had a happier single again. ^__^

This album had some great new tracks, but I’m going to have to say that 10 My Me was, overall, the better of Morning Musume‘s 2010 albums. I’ll definitely be listening to some of these songs a lot though. CHU RU RU RUN~! XD

Please vote for your favorite new track in the poll in the sidebar! =D

~ Surimu-chan


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