Guardians 4 Ranking – Part 4: PVs

Wow, it took me long enough to get this posted. (^_^”)> Sorry~.

4. Omakase♪Guardian
– There just wasn’t much going on in this PV. They were cheering… and that was about it. I did like the sign flipping though… and the confetti was fun, just because it was confetti. =D

3. Going On!
– The video “staff” was… certainly different. I had to laugh at the lion keeping time with the music “behind the scenes.” XD The parts with the four of them singing around the microphone reminded me of the PV for “Ganbacchae!” The scene during the instrumental break was also kind of funny. I liked Nakki’s “I don’t want it!” face. XDD

– My love for this video is easily described in a few words: Outdoors! Decorations! BUBBLES!!! It’s just fun watching them play around with the bubbles. =D

1. School Days
– I LOVE the settings~! Even the cheesy little hedge maze (which I kind of want now)~. XD I also like how they had all of the different tea sets, too. I laughed at their reaction to Yurina’s tea setting (and tea). XDD

The results after the fourth ranking:

4. Going On! (8 points)
3. Omakase♪Guardian (9 points)
2. School Days (11 points)
1. PARTY TIME (12 points)

And “Going On!” maintains its #4 spot. (^_^”)

~ Surimu-chan


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