Morning Musume – Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game PV

Settings – These were amazing! And not just the pool (which I believe I already made clear that I love–so pretty~!), but all of the stages (black, white, greyish-white, and the black-walled hallway thing (?)) worked well with the song.

Outfits – I’m still not too terribly keen on the dance shot dresses, though I love the bright colors, but the other dresses were rather lovely. Linlin‘s was my favorite. ❤ I liked looking at the hair accessories, too; Reina‘s bow (and dress…) was absurdly big, but I liked the aqua/light blue rose surrounded by the lines of pearls/beads in the center. Ai-chan‘s and Junjun‘s were also interesting, and Eri‘s was pretty. And Linlin’s little tiara! Cute~. I wasn’t terribly fond of Mittsi‘s or Gaki-san‘s hair in this, though… T_T

Dance – The dance is rather simple, and there’s a lot of hair flipping/head rolling. I really do like the dance break, though. =D I also like how they weave in and out, though they usually do that, (don’t they?) to get the person singing to the front and/or center; it seems to work especially well with this dance.

Acting – There wasn’t much acting to do in this… stare at the camera and look serious. … Haven’t we seen that before? … A lot?

Singing – Great vocals from all (even Sayu), and hooray for Junjun and Linlin solos! T___T  ^___^ I really do wish we could have heard more from them, though. =/

Song – Though I’ve definitely listened to it more than “Appare! Kaiten Zushi,” I’m not sure if I like it better. I do like it more than “Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai” and “Seishun Collection,” though. The music has a very… I’m not sure how to describe it… “Castlevania-ish” vibe to it. *is hopeless* XD In a good way.

Overall, I think it was a nice one for Kamei, Junjun, and Linlin to leave on (though I wish it would have placed better on the charts! T___T). I actually wouldn’t have minded if the three had shared all of the main solos, in a “Mr. Moonlight”/”Resonant Blue” sort of way, though…

~ Surimu-chan


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