Guardians 4 Ranking – Part 3: RE Single Covers

This ranking is for the regular edition CD covers of Guardians 4’s singles.

4. Omakase♪Guardian
– There’s nothing wrong with this cover; it looks quite nice with the sparkles and red uniforms, but there’s nothing else going on (ahaha, unintentional Guardians 4 humor XD).

3. School Days
– I really love how bright all of the colors are, and I’m actually kind of fond of the cutout look. My biggest problem with this cover is, again, they’re not really doing anything.

– The green uniforms and light pink balloons go pretty well together, and at least they’re holding something in this. The colors of the present, flowers, etc. fit the overall look of the cover, too.

1. Going On!
– I love this cover! All of the outing-related things (a basket, bike, binoculars, thermos, and a hydrant, mail box, and sign for some scenery… or something XD) are much more interesting than the other covers… and it has so many bright colors~~! =D

The results after the third ranking:

4. Going On! (6 points)
3. School Days (7 points)
2. Omakase♪Guardian (8 points)
1. PARTY TIME (9 points)

“Going On!” is still last, and “PARTY TIME” is back in first. Hmm…

~ Surimu-chan


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