Berryz Koubou – Shining Power PV

(Using the video that was uploaded on Berryz Koubou‘s official YouTube channel~! YAY~!)

Settings – I love the setting; It’s so bright and colorful~! And the fact that each member’s background (and ping pong paddle) is in their color makes me even happier. =D

Outfits – The outfits are really cool-looking, although I really wish they’d stop putting Maasa in the least-flattering ones. Would it kill them to give her a skirt and someone else pants? (-_-*) On a more positive note, Yurina looks absolutely gorgeous, as does Captain. Everyone else looks great, but I’m still not too keen on Miya‘s headband or Maasa’s hairstyle (not that it looks terrible… but how many times has she had that same one recently?)

Dance – There doesn’t seem to be much to the dance, though I do like the move in the beginning and at the end where they all point in different directions and kind of bounce around with the music. I also like the one they do during the line “saa, hajimaruze” (and corresponding lines). Maybe I’ll like it more when I watch the full dance shot. ^_^

Acting – Umm… were the others supposed to be hiding in the beginning? o_O There’s really not much acting going on here, because there really isn’t much of a story to begin with, unless you count what seems to be the tournament going on… in which case some of their facial expressions are entertaining. XD

Singing – Great, as is the norm for Berryz… and I have nothing else to say. (^_^”)

Song – I could remember a few parts of the song, even after not listening to it for a few days, so that’s got to be worth something. It’s not my favorite of their Inazuma-related releases, but I still like it. =)

The PV is, overall, another great release from Berryz, and it was refreshing (if a bit odd, at first) to have Yurina as center and main vocals (though she was arguably in the same position in “Maji Bomber!!”). It’s a fun video~. ^_^

(Look at that, I even remembered to bold the first mentions of the group name and members’ names. XD I’ve been forgetting… after making such a big deal out of it. XDD)

~ Surimu-chan


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