A New Header and an Upcoming Super-Ranking

Oooh, a festive header and matching poll box! =D The stripes in the border were really messing with my eyes when I was making it. XD

Recently, I’ve been feeling like doing another super-ranking (like I did with Buono!), so I thought about groups that haven’t had too many releases, which would make ranking the singles easier on me. The first one that came to mind was S/mileage, but I’ll probably wait a little longer to rank theirs (perhaps around the release of their first album…?). Instead, I’ll be doing Guardians 4! Ah, a nice, small number of releases. ^_^ You can expect those posts… sometime this month. *fails* (^_^”)>

You may have noticed that I have the names of groups in bold in this post. I’ve decided to do so with group and member names to make it a bit easier (on myself as well as my readers) when scanning my posts for something/someone in particular.

In other H!P-related news… the chorus of Morning Musume‘s “Mirai no Tobira” has been stuck in my head for the past hour or so. Why? I haven’t listened to it recently. Maybe because it’s just a really good song. ^_^

~ Surimu-chan


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