Poll #13 Results and Poll #14

Yes, regularly. – 33.33% – 2 votes
Yes, occasionally. – 50% – 3 votes
Yes, but only translations. – 0% – 0 votes
No, I don’t. – 16.67% – 1 vote

I think it’s quite fun to read their entries, but it can be pretty discouraging when I either don’t know what a word translates to or just can’t read it at all (my kanji skills are lacking at the moment (^_^”)> ). I always like looking at the pictures, though. XD

This week’s poll asks you which of the long-time leaders of Morning Musume was/is the best leader. I didn’t include Kei-chan (because she was co-leader for such a short amount of time) or Mari or Mikitty (because they were leaders for an even shorter amount of time =/).

I always end up choosing polls that are too hard for me to answer myself. *sigh* XD Nakazawa was very much the leader when she was in Morning Musume, but Kaori as leader reminds me of such great singles as “Koko ni Iruzee!,” “Go Girl ~Koi no Victory~,” “Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari,” and “THE Manpower!!!” to name a few.

Then again, Yossie (I know, I know… it’s “Yossy,” but she’ll always be “Yossie” to me XD) was the first leader that I really got to know as a member when I first started listening to them (even though Takahashi was already leader at that time), but Ai-chan, despite her shaky start, has filled the role of leader very well, in my opinion. I couldn’t help but smile when I saw that she had gone out to eat with Kamei, Junjun, and Linlin recently. ^_^

In other words… I don’t know who to choose. XD Though I suppose Nakazawa was probably the best of them… she did have to deal with Tsuji and Kago a larger range of ages. XD

~ Surimu-chan


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