Chotto Ikashita PURE BLOG’s One-Year Anniversary

Hey, everyone, it’s Chotto Ikashita PURE BLOG’s one-year anniversary! =D I haven’t done as much as I wanted to with this blog in the past year, but I hope to remedy that. ^_^

If I had to pick some H!P blog-related highlights of the past year…

1) The creation of my YouTube dance channel and coinciding video trivia posts; even though the trivia has been moved to my スリム☆チャンネル blog, they were first posted here, and most of my dances are H!P ones, making it both H!P- and blog-related. =D

2) Participating in S/mileage’s 10,000 Smile Picture Campaign; I feel so proud to have sent my picture in. This is actually a huge thing for me, because I’m not really one to participate in things like this, especially if I have to take a picture of myself, but I did it for S/mileage! ^__^

3) Writing the Buono! Rankings posts; I quite enjoyed writing these (even though it was so hard to do so). The way it was broken down made ranking them a lot easier for me, and, consequently, a lot more fun.

I hope I can write posts with more substance in the future. (^_^”)>  XD

Thanks to everyone who’s checked out this blog in the past year~!

~ Surimu-chan


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