S/mileage – Onaji Jikyuu de Hataraku Tomodachi no Bijin Mama PV

I realized that I’ve been forgetting to review PVs for a while (I missed both “OO Ganbaranakutemo Eenende!! and “Dance de Bakoon!” =/), so I thought I’d start up again. =D

Settings – This PV is a huge step up from the first two, as it has an actual setting instead of just a rather boring set, and I just love it. Having props for the girls to actually interact with helps a ton, in my opinion.

Outfits – As nice as their usual S/mileage uniform-ish outfits look, the clothes they’re wearing for the story portion of the PV are my favorites. =D And the girls all look lovely as usual. ^_^

Dance – If only they didn’t have those awkward knee-bending moves… (-_-”) On the plus side, it looks like a very fun and energetic dance. The “dance break” during Yuuka and Kanon’s speaking parts is severely lacking, though, but that’s understandable, because I guess the focus should be on the spoken lines. =/

Acting – I love Kanon’s confused look when Tsuji is cleaning the window. XD (And, speaking of Tsuji, her over-the-top acting is so very welcome, if only because I’m happy to see her in a H!P video again. ^_^ I loved the “Nono” pun. XD) I noticed that S/mileage had the same reaction when regarding the bijin mama: look up/over, wide-eyed stare, head tilt. XD Well, I guess there wouldn’t be too much else you could do?

Singing – DAWA is still the weakest singer, but she has improved. =) I’m still having trouble choosing Kanon or Saki as the best singer. Yuuka is also a good singer, but her voice is still just a bit too cutesy for my taste.

Song – The song gets points for being energetic and having speaking parts, but it hasn’t really gotten stuck in my head yet. (^_^”)> I’ll give it time though, and I’m sure learning the dance will make me love the song more; that’s usually how it goes.

Overall, I’d have to say that this is the best of their official singles. Maybe S/mileage will help H!P back into the spotlight… ^__^

~ Surimu-chan


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