Poll #10 Results and Poll #11

AiAi (Takahashi Ai) – 21.4% – 3 votes
RisaRisa (Niigaki Risa) – 14.3% – 2 votes
EriEri (Kamei Eri) – 14.3% – 2 votes
SayuSayu (Michishige Sayumi) – 7.1% – 1 vote
ReiRei (Tanaka Reina) – 7.1% – 1 vote
IkaIka (Mitsui Aika) – 14.3% – 2 votes
JeiJei (Junjun) – 14.3% – 2 votes
RiRi/LiLi (Linlin) – 7.1% – 1 vote

As expected of their leader, AiAi comes in first with three votes. I’m so happy that everyone got at least one vote! I was a little worried that IkaIka would be the only one without any, but she ended up getting two, so that’s great! ^_^ I was actually really surprised that SayuSayu and ReiRei only got one vote each. o_o

This week’s poll question came to me as I was thinking about Kamei, Junjun, and Linlin’s upcoming graduations. I was wondering what would happen with Tanpopo#, Zoku Biyuuden, and Shin Minimoni; they’re all losing their oldest members!

I really loved “Umbrella,” but “Pen Pen Kyoudai” was kind of… well, it wasn’t my favorite; I did like “Tentoumushi no Samba” a lot, though. As far as Zoku Biyuuden is concerned, even though they didn’t get a new song for the Petit Best 10 album, their cover of “ONLY YOU” was quite possibly my favorite track on the Champloo/Chample/Chanpuru (however you want to say it) album.

Anyway, do you think the revived units should release more music? New singles? Or just a few new songs? Or maybe new versions of the groups’ older songs? Nothing? Vote away~!

~ Surimu-chan


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