Poll #10: Muten Musume

Many of you have probably read about the new Morning Musume unit called “Muten Musume” who is going to be releasing a sushi tie-in song called, “Appare Kaiten Zushi!” (Here’s a link to the Tokyograph article: Muten Musume)

Even though I’m not a fan of sushi, I love the little characters created for each member! They’re adorable. Here’s a picture for those who haven’t seen them.

(Top to bottom, left to right: AiAi, RisaRisa, EriEri, SayuSayu, ReiRei, IkaIka, JeiJei, and RiRi)

This week’s poll asks you which of the “Muten Musume” character designs you like best. Personally, as much as I like JeiJei (Junjun) in her banana outfit, RiRi/LiLi (Linlin) and her watermelon headband win. XD

~ Surimu-chan


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