Poll #8 Results and Poll #9

Honto no Jibun – 20% – 2 votes
Renai♥Rider – 10% – 1 vote
Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! – 10% – 1 vote
MY BOY – 30% – 3 votes
Take It Easy! – 10% – 1 vote
Bravo☆Bravo – 20% – 2 votes
[All other singles – 0% – 0 votes]

Well, I was going to change the poll yesterday morning, but my Internet wasn’t working, so it stayed up a little longer. (^_^”)> I kind of hoped that all of the songs would get at least one vote, but, as you can see, “Gachinko de Ikou!,” “Rottara Rottara,” “co.no.mi.chi,” and “Our Songs” didn’t get any votes. =( “MY BOY” took first place with three votes, which isn’t all that surprising, as everyone seemed to really like that one when it came out.

The poll for this week (or what’s left of this week) asks your opinion on H!P Eggs in Morning Musume: should they be added or not?

~ Surimu-chan


2 Responses to “Poll #8 Results and Poll #9”

  1. Rubi Says:

    ah, i still dont understand why people like ‘my boy’ so much, thats the only h!p song i dont like ^^” and my fav ‘take it easy’ got no votes T_T i mean, it got one but i dont count myself ._. well, obviously i have unpopular taste in music :p
    anyway, i wont vote in next poll because from h!p i follow only berryz, momusu, c-ute, buono and s/mileage so i have no idea about the whole ‘eggs’ idea, whos there etc ^^”

    • Surimu-chan Says:

      I know what you mean; I only know a few of the Eggs, and they’re the ones that have been in groups (like Sayaka and Yuu from Milky Way, or Akari and Karin from Aa! and Shin Minimoni). (^_^”)>
      I started liking “Take It Easy!” a lot more after I did all of those rankings; it’s such a relaxing song. ^_^ I was sad to see that my favorite of the A-side songs (“Gachinko de Ikou!”) didn’t get any votes. T_T

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