Buono! Rankings Results

Here they are! The final results! *gasp* What’s this…?!

10. Honto no Jibun (28 points) – I feel so bad that this song came in last! Musically, it’s a solid single, but visually, it wasn’t as appealing to me. =\

9. Take It Easy! (29 points) – The rankings for the cover, outfits, and PV really helped this one get more points; I thought, when I started this series of posts, that it would be last for sure.

8. Rottara Rottara (30 points) – I’m surprised that this one ended up so far down. o_o I think the lackluster PV and outfits and the good-but-not-amazing cover and coupling track did it in. (Oh, and the dance, too, even though I liked it.) T_T

7. [tie] co.no.mi.chi (38 points) – I’m surprised that this one is so far up. As with “Take It Easy!,” the visual aspects really helped it a lot (and the coupling track for this one).

6. [tie] Our Songs (38 points) – I expected this one to be somewhere in the middle… and it is. XD

5. Bravo☆Bravo (39 points) – Again, I expected this one to be in the high middle, and it is. Well, the middle, at least, if not the high middle.

4. [tie] Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! (43 points) – I was just thinking the other day that, if I were to buy one single V from Buono!, this would probably be the one; while the dance isn’t much, it’s still fun (and there’s all the stuff in the background to look at XD), and the close ups and “band” version are also great. The PV, of course, is amazing.

3. [tie] MY BOY (43 points) – This one really made a come back! … And that’s all I have to say. (^_^”)>

2. Gachinko de Ikou! (48 points) – I really do love this one… the song, the dance, the coupling track, everything. I think the lower ranking for the outfits is what hurt it. See what your stockings have done, Miyabi?! XD

1. Renai♥Rider (49 points) – An awesome PV, dance, and coupling track along with fond memories helped “Renai♥Rider” to zoom into first like Momo on her tricycle. XD I am happy that this one got first, because, as much as I love “Gachinko de Ikou!,” “Renai♥Rider” was the song that got me into Buono!’s music, and I really love their music… otherwise I wouldn’t have done a seven-part ranking just so I could try to figure out which single was my favorite. XD

Whew! All done~! Thanks for putting up with all of these rankings. ^_^

~ Surimu-chan


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