Poll #7 Results and Poll #8

It seems to have been a rather slow week for voting. (^_^”)>

Upset – 12.5% – 1 vote
Happy – 37.5% – 3 votes
Accepting – 37.5% – 3 votes
Confused – 12.5% – 1 vote
Indifferent – 0% – 0 votes
Other – 0% – 0 votes

From the looks of it, and from what I’ve read elsewhere, it looks like MoMusu fans are ready for a change. Many seem to feel these graduations are unfair to Junjun and Linlin, though. =\

Since Buono!’s best album came out last week, I thought I’d ask you what your favorite Buono! single is. This is another hard choice for me, so I’ve decided to do few posts ranking various aspects of each single (including the single itself, the coupling track, outfits, PV, covers, and sentimental value) and then add up the totals for each one. =D It should be quite fun.

~ Surimu-chan


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