Poll #1 Results and Poll #2

Here we go!

Last week’s poll asked which Berryz’ “Maji Bomber!!” outfit you liked best; the results are as follows:

Shimizu Saki – 25% – 1 vote
Tsugunaga Momoko – 50% – 2 votes
Tokunaga Chinami – 25% – 1 vote
Sudou Maasa – 0% – 0 votes
Natsuyaki Miyabi – 0% – 0 votes
Kumai Yurina – 0% – 0 votes
Sugaya Risako – 0% – 0 votes

So, the winner is Momoko~! Though I didn’t vote for her, even I must admit that hers is the best; it just looks like something she’d be wearing for a Buono! video. I was actually a bit surprised that Miyabi didn’t get any votes, for some reason. Not that I’m particularly fond of her outfit. =\ Thanks to those who voted~! =D

Anyway, this week’s poll asks which group has had the best releases so far this year. I wasn’t sure if I should include Guardians 4 or not, but I decided to in the end. I was going to go with Berryz, but I forgot that Buono! had an album with a lot of great songs on it. ^_^

~ Surimu-chan


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