Chotto Ikashita Polls

I’ve added a poll to the sidebar. All right~. This will assure weekly (or at least bi-weekly) updates, as I will have to change the poll and report on the results. =D Of course, I’m not expecting to get too many votes, but hopefully everyone will prove me wrong. After all, all you have to do is pick one. ^_^

This week’s poll asks which of the Berryz members’ “Maji Bomber” outfits you like best. If you haven’t seen the outfits yet, go to, click on the box/bubble that says “アーティスト” (Artists), then click on the picture of Berryz Koubou. Finally, click on the bubble that says “プロフィール” (Profiles). From there you can click on the individual members to see a couple of pictures.

I had a bit of trouble deciding between Captain and Yurina, but Captain won out in the end. =D

Well, happy polling! … And I’m still trying to work on a ranking to post. (^_^”)>

~ Surimu-chan


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