Morning Musume – Seishun Collection PV

Settings – Somehow, I just don’t think the field fits. =\ The room with the “friendship couch” (as I’ve seen it called) works well, and even the steps that they’re randomly standing on, but the field… I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s just how their outfits look in comparison to it…
Outfits – Umm… I actually kind of like Reina’s, Mittsi’s, and Sayumi’s, but I’m not too fond of Takahashi’s or Junjun’s. I’m more or less indifferent on the rest. (^_^’) As far as hairstyles, I know a lot of people are loving Junjun’s brown hair, but… I am not one of them. I really prefer her black hair. I don’t care much for how Gaki-san’s hair look in this either. T_T I really love Reina’s hair down like that, though, and Mittsi’s actually looks much better than it ever did pulled back. =D
Dance – The dance looks very simple and laid-back, thereby matching the song. There are quite a few familiar moves, but that’s fine, because, after I thought about it, it seems like a bit of a tribute to their recent singles; I recognized moves from “Naichau Kamo,” “Shouganai Yume Oibito,” “Nanchatte Renai,” “Kimagure Princess,” and “Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai,” at least. Also, I really like the move they first do around 38 seconds in, as well as the dance break.
Acting – I repeat what I said with °C-ute’s latest single: they girls look very natural in this, and I’m very happy to see them laughing and talking instead of just staring at the camera sadly/blank-faced. I haven’t really seen MoMusu this happy since “Mikan” (and that’s when I first started listening to them O_O). The “friendship couch” scenes were also cute.
Extra Scenes – First of all, I’m so excited that there actually are extra scenes! ^__^ The signs all the members made and the jumping scenes remind me of the way Morning Musume used to be. More carefree~~~… =D I love the face Takahashi makes at 4:42. XD
Singing – As always, their singing is solid, though I would have liked to see some solo lines for the eighth generation members.
Song – It took a long time for me to even remember how any part of this song went; at first, all I could remember was how they sang “Seishun collection” and Sayumi’s “Ooh yeah~!” =\ Now, however, I can remember how most of the song goes. And, like I’ve already said a few times, I’m so~ glad to watch a happy video with a happy song. ^_^

Overall, no, it’s not my favorite of their singles since Takahashi became leader (my vote is still for “Nanchatte Renai,” even though it’s not as happy as this one), but it’s definitely gotten more points since I first heard it. ^_^

~ Surimu-chan


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