Well, the PV for “Seishun Collection” wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t groundbreaking either. I’ll give a full critique at a later date.

What I’d like to say for this post is that, as much as I hate to say it, Hello! Project has been slightly disappointing as of late. Now I won’t go on one of those “I miss the old days! Bring back the other members!” rants, because that’s not going to happen. I will, however, say that H!P should try mixing it up.

The “close-up/dance shot/group sitting together” PVs are starting to get kind of old. They had a bit of a story going with “Shouganai Yume Oibito,” but they didn’t really follow up on that. When I heard that the title of their 41st single translated to “Whimsical/Moody Princess,” I was really excited; I thought the girls would be prancing around in ridiculously poofy princess dresses and then it would morph into a more modern look, and there would be some sort of story, but instead I got… black-and-white outfits (AGAIN) and no story (though the setting was a bit refreshing).

As far as the other groups… let’s see…

°C-ute’s last song has actually grown on me since I did a dance cover for it, but I can’t say I really love the PV. It’s nice, of course, but it’s no “Meguru Koi no Kisetsu” or even “Sakura Chirari” (in which the outfits and dance are terrible, but the cheesy “We’re on the ceiling!” effects were awesome XD).

Berryz Koubou, on the other hand, has been grabbing my attention more and more. From the cool dance floor of “Dakishimete Dakishimete” to the cardboard props of “Rival” to the surprisingly stylish close-ups in “Watashi no Mirai no Danna-Sama” and the awesome (albeit slightly cheesy) lighting effects of “Otakebi Boy WAO!,” they have been getting the best PVs lately. Love it.

S/mileage’s indies singles actually had some gems, too. “Asu wa Deeto na no ni, Imasugu Koe ga Kikitai” and “Suki-chan” were two of my favorite PVs of 2009, and, this year “Otona ni Narutte Muzukashii!!!” was really fun, too. Their debut single, “Yume Miru 15sai” seemed more in the standard H!P category with it’s close-ups and dance shots. =\ WHYYY…

Even the anime groups seem to get better PVs! Buono!, of course, has been consistent with their great videos (except, perhaps, for “Rottara Rottara,” which, while the song was awesome, had a pretty boring PV), and I actually loved all of Guardians 4’s PVs.

On a final note, I really liked the PV for “3, 2, 1 BREAKIN’ OUT!” I’m reminded of someone’s comment that I read after the official version for the PV came out; they asked if all UFA needed was some competition (from the fans who were making their own versions of the PV) to make a good PV, and I have to wonder if that’s the case.

Sorry; this post was kind of all over the place. (^_^’)>

~ Surimu-chan


6 Responses to “*Sigh*”

  1. Caite Says:

    I agree.
    I’ve always been interested in the Japanese language, and by researching I got more and more into the music and anime. I really took to Morning Musume. I started listening to them enough to know member’s names and such about 3 years ago. From what I’ve seen, though the members still seem to have their hearts in it, it’s sort of been… dumbed down? There used to be a variety of songs, with harmonies and as you said the PV’s were very different. Now it’s mostly just people taking turns singing lines and everyone singing the same melody. Not as much musically taxing. I miss how daring they used to be. Not specific members (though there are some I always enjoyed) but moreso the audacity the production team had and the inspiration they seemed to have. I hate to say it, but unless they change it up, I think Tsunku and morning musume may have run their course. They are still good, but they don’t make an impact like they seem to.
    However, they seemed to have tapped a new market in America.
    And the “3,2,1 Breakin Out” pv was the first they seeme to have actually tried on in ages. Not saying that there always needs to be fancy effects, but some sort of cohesive mood is always important.

    • Surimu-chan Says:

      You summed it up perfectly, I think. I definitely miss how daring they used to be, both musically and visually.
      I would hate to see Morning Musume disband; after I figured out how the whole graduation/audition cycle worked, I was anticipating a new generation, so, a few years down the road, I could say, “Oh, I remember when she first joined!” but, if they were to call it quits, I wouldn’t be able to do that. =(
      I agree with you there; the videos don’t always need fancy special effects, but they definitely need something. “Happy Summer Wedding” didn’t really have any special effects, but, in my opinion at least, it’s a really memorable PV.

      • Caite Says:

        I would be really sad if they disbanded, too! I’ve tried to get into the other J-pop acts (the music is fun, and it’s good language practice too) but I haven’t been able to branch out much. There is just somethign about morning musume that is so universally appealing.
        I think when they went from their variety image to a very straightforward “sexy” image, it sort of set them back a bit. There used to be a big age range in the group, but I think a lot of them are 18-23 now, so I think the producers thought they would capitalize in the american hip-hop thing (which I really don’t like.) Hasn’t it been awhile since they have had an audition?

      • Caite Says:

        Oh! One other thing (I should really finish thinking before I write my reply) a really good example is the song “Genki+”
        There are a couple versions floating around on YouTube but if you watch an older concert version vs. a newer concert version, you can actually hear the girls in the older version singing the harmonies at the beginning, but in the newer version they are just singing the same melody and don’t build on it, in unison.
        It’s a shame because even though a lot of pop idols are chosen for looks and moe appeal, the girls in MM definitely have some musical chops too!

  2. Caite Says:

    In addendum, I was never a fan of pop music much. The stuff I really listen to is metal and things like Tom Waits and the Flaming Lips haha. But I actually really enjoy them and even have favorite members, so it would be sad to see them come apart.

    • Surimu-chan Says:

      I agree; the only Japanese artists I really listen to are Hello! Project groups, Johnny’s Entertainment groups, and Gackt, but I think I keep up with H!P the most, because they’ve had the biggest impact on me.
      Yes, I’d like to see a line up like that of “Shabondama” (as far as age range) or at least a song like “Koko ni Iruzee!” that will give them a younger feel. I know the girls can perform these kinds of songs because they do it in concerts all the time, and I know Tsunku can still write fun music because of songs like MoMusu’s “Sono Bamen de Bibiccha Ikenai jan!” or Berryz Koubou’s “Rival” or even S/mileage’s “Otona ni Narutte Muzukashii!!!” I would really prefer more songs like those rather than moody and/or Americanized music.
      I think the last time they had an audition for Morning Musume was when Mittsi joined back in December of 2006. o_o I understand that they wanted people to be able to recognize the members, but I’d like to think that that’s possible by now.

      Oh, I noticed that when I was watching the concert performances for “Genki+” to learn the dance! In the “SEXY 8 BEAT” version, the harmonies were really clear, but in the “NINE SMILE” version, the second set of the opening lines sounded exactly the same as the first. (-_-”)

      I know what you mean; I always liked rock music more, so it made sense when I started listening to Gackt, but, after seeing a clip of him and Morning Musume on the same show, I wondered who they were and why there we so many of them, and now H!P music takes up at least 40-50% of my library. (^_^”)>

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