Morning Cop Review

Well, here it is, just as I said it would be… a review for Morning Musume and Heike Michiyo’s movie, Morning Cop!

Spoiler Warning: For those that plan on watching the movie, you may not want to read this, or, at least, anything past the synopsis.


Synopsis: Morning Cop, which stars Heike Michiyo and Morning Musume (all playing themselves), has a very straightforward plot: Michiyo has a stalker, and Morning Musume decides that they will be the ones to stop him.

—– Again, don’t read the rest if you want to be surprised; it is, after all, something of a suspense movie (or, at least, it’s supposed to be). —–

I will only touch on a few points of the movie, so, if you want something more complete, I suggest just watching it yourself; I believe it’s less than an hour.

✪ Michiyo, after being sent a picture of herself Photoshopped into a wedding dress with the words “Michiyo is mine,” written on it and a package with one of those exploding ink packets(?) in it, becomes worried about the stalker she has obviously attracted. Morning Musume decides to get the stalker on their own. (It was Nacchi’s idea, of course.)

They go through “special training” (mostly running around), and eventually “take down” someone who was lurking outside Michiyo’s house. However, it’s not the stalker; it’s just a classmate, which means… the stalker is still out there! DUN DUN DUN!

As the incidents escalate, the editor(?) of the magazine Michiyo models for offers to take them all to a place that is hidden away, so the stalker can’t get to her. While there, surprise surprise, it turns out that he is the stalker.

He proceeds to chase them around with what looks to be a crow bar while singing “Mori no Kuma-san” (I believe) and generally being a total creep. In the end, he is thwarted by the guy in the Darth Vader/clown-esque costume who explained earlier that idols should be admired from afar (I didn’t mention him, but, if you watch the movie, you’ll know who I’m talking about). He didn’t really do anything; he just told the guy that he was in the wrong, and that was that.

✪ The girls start singing randomly near the beginning of the movie (“Onegai Nail”), and, later on, they just happen to be put in a situation in which they need to sing one of their songs (“Daite HOLD ON ME!,” the movie’s theme), so if you don’t like gratuitous singing scenes, you may be a bit annoyed with that.


1. Heike Michiyo – “Dakedo Aishisugite -Mix for Screen-”

This is actually the first song I’ve heard from Michiyo, and I really like it. It has more of a rock sound than most Hello! Project music; for some reason, it kind of reminds me of music from the Final Fantasy or Castlevania games.

2. Heike Michiyo & Morning Musume – “Onegai Nail”

I can’t really see myself listening to this song a lot, but I think it’s one that I would probably leave on if it happened to turn up on shuffle. It’s a good song to listen to without really listening to it, if you know what I mean.

3. Morning Musume – “Yoroshiku!”

First of all, the really unenthusiastic-sounding “Yeah~” in the beginning is kind of funny. XD But I really do like this song! =D It’s got a fun, summery kind of sound, and the chorus is catchy and really easy to remember.

4. Morning Musume – “Koi no ABC”

This is the shortest song on the album at only two and half minutes in length. It’s got a bit of a funk sound, with some jazz and… maybe disco? Something along those lines. It’s another one that’s good for listening to without really listening.

5. Heike Michiyo – “Tsuyoku naranakucha… ne”

This song is considerably slower than the rest of the songs on the album, and, to me, it’s kind of boring. Her singing is solid, but it just hasn’t grabbed my attention.

6. Morning Musume – “Daite HOLD ON ME! ~Sexy Long Version~”

There aren’t too many differences between this version and the original; there’s the length, of course, and Mari’s “Ooh, hold on me” is in there a few more times, the music is quieter in a few parts, and some parts (like the music break) were switched up a bit, but otherwise… yep, not too many differences. (^_^”)> Also, the last forty seconds are pretty much made up of a bunch of “Ah~”s.

Final Thoughts

This movie is definitely really cheesy, but, for me at least (being a big fan of MoMusu), it’s endearingly cheesy. The girls all have their cute moments (the most memorable for me was perhaps Kaori’s pun using her name), and, although Nacchi and Kaori (mostly Nacchi) have more screen time than the other members, you still see everyone quite a few times. Also, despite its cheesiness, when the guy was sneaking through the house looking for the girls, I couldn’t help but shiver just a bit; he played “creepy” very well. o_o I think my brother put it best when he said the movie sounds like a PSA for fan etiquette; that’s pretty much the case.

So, if you have an extra hour to spend, and you’re a big Morning Musume and/or Heike Michiyo fan, go ahead and watch it. =D

~ Surimu-chan


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