Hello! Project 2010 Rankings – Units

1. Morning Musume – As subpar as their releases have been for me lately, I couldn’t not put them in first. They are Morning Musume, after all. ^_~

2. Buono! – I had to put Buono! next because I don’t think there’s a Buono! song that I don’t like. Also, I’ve been listening to them almost since they became a group, so it’s great being able to say, “Ah, I remember when they were just starting out.” =D

3. Berryz Koubou – Of the three big Hello! Project groups, Berryz Koubou has been spot on with all of their latest releases. It seems like, ever since “Dakishimete Dakishimete,” they’ve just been getting better and better and better…

4. S/mileage – Yay! I’m so happy that they’re going to debut! I love all four of their indies singles (though I must admit, I didn’t really care about “aMa no Jaku” when it first came out); their videos have been really fun, too. Here’s hoping they continue with these amazing releases!

5. Guardians 4 – Like I’ve said before (I think), I was kind of skeptical about this group when they were first formed, but then they released “Omakase Guardian,” and I thought I’d give them a try. “School Days” had an awesome PV, and “PARTY TIME” still gets stuck in my head all the time. “Going On!” didn’t have too much of an impact on me, but I still liked it. ^_^


6. °C-ute – To be honest, °C-ute bores me. Sure, I like some of their songs, but the constant focus on Airi and Maimi gets a bit tiresome (and Airi is my favorite member, so I’m not being biased). “EVERYDAY Zekkouchou!!,” while I like it, was kind of forgettable, and SHOCK! was as well. I sincerely hope that their next single is more interesting.

7. Mano Erina – Well, this really isn’t fair of me to put Mano here, because I really haven’t listened to her music. (^_^’)> I rather liked “Love & Peace = Paradise,” but the parts of her other songs that I heard were rather boring. I need to try harder to listen to more of her music!

~ Surimu-chan


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