Hello! Project 2010 Rankings – Members

I’ll warn you right now, I think the ranking for any H!P member who isn’t in MM is kind of fuzzy for me; I can (kind of) rank the members in each group, but when it comes to everyone being all together like this… impossible. (^_^’)> (<— I have a feeling I’ll be using this emoticon a lot.) So… here are my results from Hello!Blog’s 2010 Hello! Project poll:

Comments for Top 5

Gaki-san – Actually, I really don’t know why Gaki-san is my favorite. (^_^’)> I only vaguely remember thinking once, “Okay, Niigaki is going to be my favorite.” (I seem to do that a lot; just randomly decide something, that is.) Though I must say, she really does look like she’s having fun in concerts. ^_^

Linlin – I was a little irritated with how nasally Linlin’s voice was earlier on in her MM career, but she has improved so much. Also, she can be so weird… in a good way. XD

Tie – Reina and Ai-chan – These two tie because they’re the two members I just can’t really imagine MM being without. I may complain about them getting so many lines, but I guess I don’t mind all that much after all. Thinking about it now, I think maybe I should have switched the places for these two, though I really don’t know why… just a feeling. (^_^’)

Kamei – Eri was, I think, one of my earlier favorites, because she can be so randomly hilarious. XD Also, lately, she’s been doing a really great job with all of her singing. (Tanpopo#’s “Akai Sweet Pea” and “Umbrella” come to mind).

Other Comments

First of all, I must say the rankings for the bottom five shouldn’t really count, because I don’t know a thing about Mano Erina or any of the members of S/mileage. (^_^’)> Also the rankings for Berryz Koubou and °C-ute are based solely on their respective Alo-Hello DVDs, because that’s all I’ve seen from those groups (besides PVs). I feel like such a bad fan. T_T

I don’t dislike any of the H!P members, but I don’t know very much about most of them, so actually… this ranking doesn’t mean too much. Ah~, I’m terrible at this. (^_^’)>

~ Surimu-chan


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