Happy Birthday, Marippe!

My computer is still broken, but I couldn’t not say ~Happy Birthday~ to my favorite member of Hello! Project ever.

When I first started listening to Morning Musume music and watching PVs and other clips, there was one member who always caught my attention, and it was tiny, blonde, outspoken Mari. Ayaka’s English Lessons were some of the clips I watched to try to know the individual members, and Mari’s were always my favorites. From there, it was the clips of the “school trip,” the Idiot Girl test, and the Sports Festival, along with random Utaban clips (including the infamous “Vietnam Yaguchi”) that really made her my favorite. I was disappointed, to say the least, when I realized that she was no longer in Morning Musume, that she didn’t get a graduation, and that she hadn’t gotten any solo songs. However, now that she’s working seemingly nonstop, I kind of wish she had a break. XD I think Hello! Project needs more members like Mari with really unique personalities.

~*~Happy Birthday, Mari!~*~ ^__^

~ Surimu-chan


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