Sayonara See You Again Adios Bye Bye Koha

So Koharu is no longer part of Morning Musume. This calls for an awkward ellipses.

This whole situation is all over the place for me. Koharu was never one of my favorites; in fact, for quite a while after I became a fan, she was my least favorite because her super-hyper attitude, crazy antics, and way-too-high voice really irritated me. I was also convinced that she was an attention hog. Nevertheless, she’s been in the group since I first started listening to them, and this is the first Morning Musume graduation I’ve dealt with. Also, to be honest, I started to like her after a while (especially after Kirarin Revolution ended). She even rose to be my third least favorite instead of my least favorite.

When I read that Koharu sang Rainbow Pink with Sayumi one more time, it made me kind of sad/nostalgic. Okay, I’ll admit it; I’ll miss Koharu. As with every graduation, Morning Musume won’t be the same. Congratulations on graduating, Koharu~! ^__^

~ Surimu-chan


One Response to “Sayonara See You Again Adios Bye Bye Koha”

  1. haru Says:

    小春ちゃんはモーニング娘。の貴重なメンバーだったですね。 小春ちゃんが今後ソロで推してもらえるなら「おめでとう」と言えるんだけど、その辺が今ははっきりしていないです。 なにかすっきりしない卒業だと感じています><。

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