Shuffle! ~五~ Week 3

1. Morning Musume – DANCE Suru no da! – This song sounds… I don’t know, Jackson 5-ish to me? I’m not sure how to describe it… anyway. I like it. You can definitely tell this is an old-school Momusu song by the music. Also, the video for this song was pretty fun, though I wasn’t the biggest fan of their outfits.

2. Minimoni – A~iin! Dance no Uta – I once saw a comment describing this as “the most irritating H!P song ever.” I can see where they’re coming from… but this song actually grew on me. I think it might have been after Eri, Junjun, Linlin, and Maasa performed it in concert. It’s just such a crazy song, it ended up getting stuck in my head somehow. Maybe because it’s trance/dance music…

3. Morning Musume – Haru no Uta – This is the first time I’ve listened to this song. Whoa, Kaori’s “Whoa yeah~” at about 1:05 was awesome. So was Yossie’s around 2:24. This song is really mellow and easy to listen to. I like how it started out strong with Mari and ended strong with Yossie. Sweet.

4. Morning Musume – Koi ING
– Ooh, I now see why I’ve seen a lot of positive comments about this song; it’s great! The solo lines by Ai-chan, Eri, and Mikitty are lovely, but my favorite parts are when everyone is singing. It’s such a nice song, with sweet lyrics to boot.

5. Minimoni – CRAZY ABOUT YOU – First of all, wow, two Minimoni songs in one Shuffle! post? That’s kind of amazing. Anyway, this song… Mika’s opening lines really annoy me. Like, a lot. I don’t know why. =/ The rest of the song is catchy though. I liked  it the first time I heard it. Wait, I should say, once I got over the shock of Minimoni going from “Jankenpyon” to this and stopped avoiding this song, I loved it. XD

~ Surimu-chan


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