Shuffle! ~五~ Week 2

1. W – Robokiss – This song is catchy; I especially like the “suki sukissu KISU wo kudasai…” etc. parts, because they (as well as the “shabala lan” parts, but I don’t like them as much) add to the robotic feel of the song with their repetition. Toss in the beeps and other electronic sounds, and it just works.

2. Morning Musume – Ii Koto Aru Kinen no Shunkan – I love the beat in the background; it’s one of those that make you automatically bob your head or tap your foot. The music is so happy, and lyrics have such a nice message, you can’t help but love this song; it always puts me in a good mood. Also, though it’s just a small thing, the song gets extra points for having random spoken words, and even more points because the spoken lines are from Kaori and Mari.

3. Morning Musume – Suki na Senpai – As soon as this song came on, I actually gasped and said, “I love this song!”, because I really do. It is just one of the most adorable songs ever. It’s also one of the few album-only tracks I can sing all the way through without needing to look at the lyrics. Speaking of the lyrics, I’m sure many girls can sympathize with them: a girl stressing over how to deal with the crush she has on her upperclassman. I usually can’t stand anything cheesy/mushy, but seriously. The lyrics. They’re too cute. The music has a certain feel to it… I’m not sure what it is, but it kind of makes me nostalgic. Again, bonus points for random spoken lines.

4. Morning Musume – Rainbow Pink – Well, there are spoken lines in here, quite a few of them, but Sayumi’s and Koharu’s voices are too high and grating in this for me to give them bonus points. I have to admit, though, the song does have a certain cuteness to it. So much so that, when I first heard a small part of it on a fan video, I had to find the whole thing immediately.

5. Morning Musume – Morning Coffee (2002 Version) – As much as I love the original, I like this version more. Maybe it’s because I like hearing all the different voices taking part in the first Momusu single. However, I do love the fact that Kaori’s and Nacchi’s parts (though moreso for Kaori’s) are still their own. Also, I always seem to love songs that have groups singing two different things (like in the beginning of this song with the “DOKIDOKI” in the background etc.).

~ Surimu-chan


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